Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is It Confidence. Or Lack of Confidence?

beeeeep :D
having holidays now,
I kinda have to submit my MYE results to DLD.
ugh, I think I did really badly.
in a pretty ekkk mood. :/

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

System Overload!

another class tomorrowww!
I'm kinda tired.
but my room is crazy MESSYY!
I should do something about it.
and I wanna youtube, but the internet cannot get any slower!
actually, it can. but, y'know, I'm just over exaggerating.
sigh, I feel useless.
I'm like, just lazing around
and going Korean crazy! BADDD.


I'm feeling weird now.
I think it's a mixture of anxiety and being overwhelmed?
I'm not too sure. I think I'll sleep it off.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

eeep, I've got my first Art exam tomorrow.
creepy huh?
apparently Art is going to be a really important subject for me in the future.
and I'm SO scared for tomorrow.
I'm getting so anxious.
I can't wait for after the test.
well, firstly, my art like, really sucks :/
sigh. so scared to screw up. and I'm not sure what I'll be drawing. and EEEP LAHH
and I don't think it's just art that's giving me the anxiety.
I feel weird.
like, Monday all over again.
eeep. eeep. eeep!

alsooo, I found a little sum-in (something).

Brandon Flowers, a Liverpool fan? :P

I saw this video,
and that scarf has a liverpool logo on it, with the word, "Anfield"
nicee (: