Monday, November 30, 2009

Will You Meet Me Halfway?

gosh, Johnny Depp is crazy sexy. mmmm (:
so's Brad Pitt. :O
and Ryan Reynolds!
I've been watching a LOT of tv.
Katy Perry is SOO beautiful! blaghh. Looove her.
and Pixie Lott is an AMAZING dancer.

I'm tired :/


herlooos, it's about 2:30am noww.
watching tv -.-
I've been so ekkk.
but I went to the park today!
with Huiyi and Sherren. traded stories and all.
good to see them (:
I have some "meeting" with an agent or something.
trying to apply to Concorde College :/
among the thousands of people that apply, what the hell are the chances that I get in? :/
this sucksssss.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What We All Want

filled with joy, Liverpool wins 2-0 against Everton!
harray, hurrah! :D
things're up with the parents :/
I've been feeling a little crazy lately.
just, keeping sane.
like everyone else in the world.

Tesha has been bored.
I can never understand what Jamie Carragher says.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


wow. today has been pretty exhausting.
I had awful sleep.
just dying of pain.
mom's been in a bad mood.
which sometimes really bugs the living crap outta me.
I'm so tired!

anyway, the song Leave by Matchbox Twenty is soooo nice (;
makes me just wanna sleep off to the song.

ohmygod! I just recalled my dream. lol.
extremely, EXTREMELY weird dream.
just, too weird. O_O


okay, it's almost 3 in the morning.
and I just need to let some stuff out.
I might be going crazy over here.
gosh, yesterday, as creepy as this may sound, I was laughing to myself.
I was laughing at everything.
just surfing through the net, and giggling and smiling to myself.
I found it a little creepy, but, probably no harm there.
and now, I'm finding myself TEARING? and then crying?
so, yes, I think I might just be going a little crazy there.
gosh, I'm screwed.
and I just feel like my mind's about to implode.
it's all haywire.
and I don't even know why, I've got nothing in particular to feel anxious about!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Little By Little

today was a pretty okay day.
I went to Bangar Shopping Centre for lunch.
at Chilli's
the steak was awwwwful!
but everything else was pretty okay (:
then we walked around and then left to Space
looked at a few (extremely expensive) furniture.
they were SOOO nice.
jeeeesus christ.

anywayyy, I'm craving so badly for fruits right now.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


blagghh, it's almost 3:40am and I don't know what I'm doing awake.
I'm currently watching East of Eden. kinda moving slowly with it :/
Eening showed me the Japanese comic, Hana Yori Dango.
the original story line of Boys Over Flowers. I think it's much nicer
and I prefer the main guy in the comic compared to in Boys Over Flowers.
and I don't like the "Ji-Hoo" of the comic, I (of course) prefer the Hyun Joong of the show.

anyway, I think I'll just watch a little more of East of Eden and then head to bed. (;
I have a killer ulcer.
thankfully it's just 1, and not like, a whole bunch of them.
but it's crazy painful!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hypocritical You

I like my things organised,
each item placed where it's supposed to be placed.
and you agreed.
agreed and suddenly disagreed?
you take it, you put it back.
we have sufficient amount for everything to be put into place.
why're you suddenly complaining now?
you dug your own grave.
but refused to go in it,
and not know your wrongs.
you take my things, and just leave them around.
which, actually, is fine by me.
I'll just put them back.
but then you get them dirty and you just leave it there,
I know it's not any intention to bug me.
but it's your lack of consideration that you don't see.
and then you get mad at me.
which by now, I've already stopped to care.
but jeez, stop to think and look at what you're doing.
I guess we all hate each other once in a while.

hellooooo, it's been dull holidays.
I haven't really been doing much. ekkk.
everything's just so, mediocre and nothing.
that it feels like we're moving in slow motion.
just trying to get through the day.

I don't want to move. :/

you seem to purposely dislike what I like,
and then like what I dislike.
screw you. I give up (which, apparently, I easily do give up -.- )

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


jeez, way to make me feel any better.
thanks, for the little things you've said that you didn't realize actually felt like knives.
you could've at least acted like you gave two cents about it.

blaghh, holidays have been so, nothing!
it hasn't exactly been boring,
but all I've been doing is watching tv, playing cards with the siblings, going online.
which I guess isn't exactly BAD.
but still, sigh.


there's sooo much I can do.
and that I want to do.
I haven't been reading much,
so I really should keep reading.
I wanna do some sudoku too.
and I need to finish East of Eden.
there's so much, that I just don't know where to start!
the holidays can get pretty overwhelming,
I'm getting tired just by doing nothing.
I've been sleeping maybe a little too much.
gaining back the sleep I lost for the year, maybe?

something's wrong with my hip.
it's aching.

You and I Both Loved

is it me,
or are your constant insults and the constant act of you degrading me getting a little old?
is it me,
or do you just not hear what you say?
is it me,
or do you think I don't have the right to have at least a little bit of time to wallow in self pity?
is it me,
or do you not get that sometimes, they get a little offensive?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Zoned Out

you, you're killing me.
it's as if you can't do anything at all.
and I feel the serious need to help.
just, make you do something.
I'm not trying to be evil.
but you need to be able to DO something.
and you and everyone else seem to find it hard to understand my frustration.
but damnit, I'm trying.

anyway, I looove the song Somewhere Only We Know by Keane.
always have. (;

gots to gos!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm at home alone.
the family went out for lunch
'cause they refused to wait for me to shower first -.-
claiming that I take too long.

anyways, yesterday was a pretty bleghh day.
nothing much.
went for lunch at Wendy's in Jaya One
then dinner at TGIF in OU.

Liverpool drew 2-2 to Manchester City.
which was when Elyas and I decided to become Bluenoses
Bluenoses are what the fans of Birmingham City F.C. are called.
they beat Fulham 1-0 yesterday.
at least someone won.

I'm now watching Hot Blood online, since I've missed the passed few episodes.
and this weird dude keeps using idioms and metaphors and similes.
it's weird.

also, I have no idea how to use eBay.
I was thinking of selling my Korean dramas 'cause their boxing is ugly.
yeah, it might be a little weird to do that
but they sell nicer ones with a cheaper price than I bought it for!
which is like my Sims 3 incident all over again -.-

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Xave Me

GAHH, I'm so tired of everything!
I'm still mad that my Sims 3 is so screwed up.
and then to find out that I paid so much money for my dramas.
when I could've bought them for a cheaper price and a nicer box!
and nowadays I've been feeling so anxious and just pure urshhhkedurshh!
Liverpool are now 2-2 at HOME, at ANFIELD.
after a while, it gets pretty disappointing.
it's kinda hard to take it. -.-

oh, Kat left for Australia this morning.
but she'll be back in December! :D


I don't move houses a lot.
but I don't think I like it.
I mean, I have to move in like, 5 weeks!
it's all so sudden.
and I'm supposed to pick what I want to keep,
what I want to throw,
what I might want to throw but still want to keep.
and I'm looking at everything,
and I don't know WHAT I wanna do with it all!
I don't wanna move.
I want lunch

it's hard to trust when you're not being upfront.
all the more when you start to lie.
stop giving hope when there really isn't any.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Thoughts are Saddening

I just finished the book I got from Eening.
kinda nice.
it's funny, definitely.

didn't go anything today.
nothing is planned for tomorrow.
and the day after
and the day after.
gosh -.-


you don't see it.
your lack of consideration.

hmm, I missed the 4th episode of Hot Blood,
but I can catch episode 5 and 6 tomorrow and Sunday.
hope I won't forget it again and I won't be lost :/

I'm getting that feeling again.
I've been getting it pretty often,
and now that it's the holidays, I'm getting it more strongly.
anyway, I feel like having ALL the dvds in the world.
all the shows in the world.
and I could just watch ANYTHING!
that would be nice (:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Was Just Wondering, Maybe Even Hoping.

school's overrrr!
holidays have officially started.
not sure what I'm going to do :/
there's nothing I planned on doing.
nowhere I'm going to go!

anyway, we won GOLD for basketball yesterday.
and then had an amazing night at OU together.

the whole class went to OU for a class outing.
it was pretty funny, having 20 over people walk in a giant group.
but it was loads fun! (:
too lazy to get into details.



okay, okay.
I'm not doing much, so I decided to update a bit (:
(or a lot)
and I'll watch East of Eden after this.


after we all lost in netball,
we decided to stay back for a while for a little fun
played some "basketball"
it's like, footketball
see, it was raining HEAVILY.
so, we went to the amphitheatre,
and there aren't any hoops,
so, we just marked a spot where, you'd have to get the ball past the line.
which was really easy, but yet, tricky.

after that, I went to OU with my brotherr
got 22 tickets to Time Traveler's Wife,
got reservations at TGIF for 27 people.
which was when I saw Sticky!
they have this new place at OU,
where they sell those sweets you can get from Australia!
I got excited with my brother.
but we had to leave fast.


huge drama over basketball.
but anyway, we played.
and won! (: which made us really happy.
Eening and I had to go through a HUGE jam on the way home
got ready and off to OU!
yada yada, went for movie.
which wasn't bad. but, wasn't that great either.
after that, all 20+ of us as a WHOLE walked all the way to TGIF.
dinner was LOADS fun.
took a bunch of pictures and everything (:
I had a blast!
oh, not to forget, I bought my Fernando Torres book


woke up early for school.
which I extremely regret going for.
but, after break, it was all pretty okay I guess (:
the emoness felt like it was going to be the end of the world or something.
we took a bunch of fun pictures together and everything.

I think that sums it up?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unless It All Backfires

okay. everything's settled.
reservations, movie tickets.
only issue is the money. -.-
since everyone refuses to pay.
all haywire!

anyway, had netball matches today.
we lost.
both teams.
so heartbreaking.

so, I'll be going to Eening's house tomorrow, before school.
and then, after school, OUTING!
I hope it turns out okay.
although there're a crazy amount of people going,
it should be okay?

fingerscrossed. x

hope we win for basketball tomorrow. :/

fingerscrossed. x (again)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Heck, I Don't Even Know Me

My internet has been exceptionally slooooow lately.
anyway, went to school today- which I extremely regretted- for interclass.
we had interclass.
which, sadly, we lost.
it was a crazy tricky team.
they're gooood.

okay, so Eening and I have been planning the class outing.
which has been crazy hectic for my mind.
'cause it's planned to be held this Wednesday, which gives me pretty limited time.
so, it's almost done.
and I'll be getting tickets and making reservations tomorrow.
wow, I just realized that there's probably more than I think that needs to be done.

never mind,
a bunch of us stayed back today.
for a little netball practice
which was a lot of fun,
but extremely tiring.
we have netball semi-finals tomorrow
and the guys have a netball game too!
hope we do well.

I think that pretty much sums it all up that I needa talk about.
can't think of anything else (:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Always Greener on the Other Side

awful day.
awful, awful day.


You just have no idea how sometimes, I just hate you.
beyond description.

Quack You.

blagh, I'm tired.
but I feel like taking a late shower.
which I will soon (:
I didn't go for the education fair.
whole looong story.

anyway, I had quite a long day today.
and it was like, a lot of meals O_o
started off with lunch at Teow Chew Meng nearby.
we walked there
(note this: walking to Teow Chew Meng. something I'll be missing when I MOVE)
then, we decided to go to Pavillion
since my mom was going for Barbie's 50th Anniversary Charity Auction thing.
so, after lunch, we were off!
then, we did a little shopping.
I bought a nice shirt from Gap (:
and then headed off to Times bookstore.
I was looking for El Nino: My Story.
but, they didn't have it.
instead, they had the Fernando Torres Biography.
which I ended up buying (;
the Times bookstore there is just LOVELY by the way.
gahh, I love it.
and then we ended up eating at the cafe 'cause the brother and sister were hungry -.-
right after our pretty long meal,
we headed off
on the way back, dad was like "chicken rice for dinner?"
sooo, we went for chicken rice dinner.
I'm practically still full :/

anyway, change of plans, I'm moving, yes.
but! on the 1st of January.
how crazy is that? ):

also, I came home and wrapped the book I got.
and decided to cross-stitch (:
gave up after like, 1 part of it.
took SOO long.
so I did a little bit of a bracelet thing,
which now I'm now too lazy to do.
and now, I'm here (:

blaghh, all in all, today was a pretty good day!
going to Eening's house tomorrow with Kat.
Kat pierced her ears!
also, Eening and I planned an outing for Wednesday after school.
and I really hope people turn up.
blaghh. not so easy to plan a big outing.

g'night, World (;

oh, also, my mom spent RM5,000 today.
during the auction.
and bought a gown -.-
which she found extremely ugly.
loong story.


blagh, it was like, 'snap'
and all of a sudden, I'm in such an ekkkk mood.
sigh. :/
whyy, yoouuuu!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

X, Cross It Out

East of Eden is a crazy show.
it's driving me nuts.
all the scenes are like AHHHH

anyway, I'll be going for an education fair thingy tomorrow in KL
hope it goes well?
not sure what time it starts, though

also, I collected my specs and due to the increase of power,
the specs are really giving me a headache.
but, I have to wear it, get used to it and stuff.
aghh. it's really annoying.

I'll be going to sleep after a little bit more of East of Eden (:

To Write Love on Her Arms.

Friday, November 13, 2009


the title has more meaning that you think (:

anyway, went to school today.
we had our basketball rematch.
which went pretty well (:
although, having difficulties at the beginning of the match,
we won 2-0
so we'll be in the finals against Columbus.
and they look pretty scary.
okay, about today's match.
it was pretty intense.
and right before the match started,
Eening was like, "oh shit like. we got no hope anymore" yada yada yada -.-
she keeps saying that.
but I, who felt extremely motivational for some reason, thought we could do okay.
and we did! (: of course, we were the underdogs.

after school, went to the nearby hor fan restaurant. yumm (:
and bought some cross-stitching thing which is so much more expensive than I would've imagined.
EVERYTHING IS SO NEARBY! I'll be getting my specs later I think?


I'm moving.
to Damansara Heights
in 3 months.
we've had the Damansara Heights house for a while now.
never stayed in it.
was going to sell it as well for the money.
turns out, not selling it anymore.
so, we'll be staying there!

I'm going to miss SS2. seriously.
  • the convenience like the everything that's within walking distance. the restaurants with alllll the good food, the optometrist, the bookstore, the convenience store, the store with the cloth, the store with the sewing things, the store where I get my Korean shows, the store where I get the regular shows, the store with ANYTHING. literally EVERYTHING is gettable in SS2!
  • One Utama and Curve are nearer as well.
  • I love my house. ):
  • I'm gonna miss my neighbours
I'm going to lose SO MUCH.
and gain almost nothinggg. blaghh. this is sad.
I'm EXTREMELY tired now. ekk.
watching East of Eden.
I think I'll be going for an education fair tomorrow and KLCC or something?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get by with a Little Help from My Friends

didn't go to school (:
Eening didn't go either, thank god.
been watching East of Eden the whole time.
the songs are soo nice and show is driving me crazy.

tomorrow, I'll be going to school.
we have a basketball rematch.
which kinda worries me.
I'm kinda reluctant to play. it's so ekk.
hopefully we can have netball as well.
so we can get it done.

so I guess, school tomorrow.
now, I'll get back to East of Eden since I'm kinda slooow

I can't stand you. really.
and believe me, how I'm trying to tolerate the shit I have to put up with.
I was hoping for a change, we were hoping for a change.
but damn, why were we so dumb to believe you would
I can't stand you. really.

86,400 Seconds in a Day

I loove Adam Lambert.
but I'm definitely a Kris fan as well,
can't help it, but he looks extremeeely cute in the latest video. (;

anyway, I'm up.
going to bed soon I guess.
I wasn't planning on going to school.
and I REALLY don't want to. ekk.
damn, I feel like dyingg!
but, Eening's going to go :/
so, I'll just teman her.

was watching East of Eden
and it's going to drive me crazy!
everything's like O_O
I thought it'd be a predictable show and all.
but, 56 episodes really makes you wonder.
I'm not in the midst of the 17th episode! woohoo.
but, still lots more to go.
and it's really, A LOT of crazy shit that's happening!
blaghh, wonder how they end this thing.
jesus christ!
save me.
I want to continue watching,
but, I have to go to school tomorrow.
EKK. so reluctant.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In My Battery-operated Car

I don't know why, but I'm in an extremely motivational mood.
anyway, here're a few highlights of the day:

  • missed school
  • went over to Eening's house at about 9am.
  • watched My Girl and East of Eden at Eening's
  • supposedly had a netball match, but the teacher was being all funny
  • had a basketball match which we lost, and there was a wholeee lot of drama. and the thing is, I don't mind. at first I was a little bugged, just fighting for our rights. maybe we'll have a rematch. but I'm just so lazy, I don't think I'd mind if we just lose this thing :/
  • I can't find my specs, lost it somewhere in school.
  • told my mom about losing the specs and she said "try to find it" I responded with, "I can't find it!" she responds with, "go back tomorrow and look for it" no new ones for me :/
  • I wanna buy El Nino: My Story, but I should save.
  • I'm moving in 3 months, 'cause we sold the house VERY, VERY suddenly.
  • I'm really, REALLY going to miss my house. I mean, I LOVE IT! it's pretty, it's cosy, it's familiar, it can get a little scary, but it's familiar!
  • I watched Ji Hyun marry Myung Hoon, which is just plain stupid. The person rapes you and it obviously affects your WHOLE life. how're you supposed to live through your EVERY DAY facing the person who did that to you. it's just crazy. and it makes me mad, as much as I love Park Hae Jin -.-
  • I wanna set some goals.
  • Hyun Joong is acting in a new show! (:
I will now continue the show (:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Through the Trees

I wonder if the Low Shoulder band that starred in Jennifer's Body that sang the song
if it was really sung by ADAM BRODY? :p

anywhoo, we had a netball match against 4Aristotle today.
rough match, alright.
it ended a draw. 2-2
call this ironic if you must,
but Liverpool drew 2-2 as well.
which, I jut realised,
in the same way too!
we scored the first goal, and Aristotle came back with the equaliser.
and then they scored again, and we equalised.
ohshiit. that's creepy.
anyway, I thought it didn't go that bad.
I mean, could've been worse?

also, I'm planning to sleep early again, no naps.
never mind, I won't.
I think I'm going to school late tomorrow (:

big news, mom claims we're selling the house.
the couple just came, looked around and said, "okay, we'll buy it"
I'm proud of the house, 'cause it could just make a couple decide there and then.
but I'm sad, 'cause we're selling it! ):
there's the house in Damansara Heights and all.
but, we never stayed there. so, we'll definitely miss this house.
and that house needs renovation and all that crap.
so we'll have to rent another place while that place renovates.
and renovation hasn't even started! :/
gosh, how's this gonna work?

okay, watching East of Eden now.
the episodes on average are 1 hour to about 1 hour 10 minutes?
but this episode is like, 1 hr 22 minutes.
it's almost a movie!
gosh, they're sooooo longg O_o
at episode 12 now.
lots more to go.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Maybe, Someday.

the results were good today.
the guys' team for the class won 2-1 for netball
and the girls' team won some sort of score for basketball (:
but it's not over yet -.-
I feel SO exhausted.
probably 'cause I slept pretty late.
went to bad at 4 plus am.
Jiann Lee made me stay up -.-
so, I've planned.
I'm going to continue East of Eden
'cause I've missed Park Hae Jin oh-so dearly,
then, have dinner.
and then after a while, I'll sleep.
wake up at 5am to catch up on the Liverpool score (don't let me down by the way)
and then there's school tomorrow (:

That Would Cost Your Happiness, Please?

woohoo (:
I'll be going to school tomorrow.
there's basketball match, I think?
or netball?
anyway, I watched This Is It with Am, Jeannie and Eening today.
and then I watched East of Eden (a bit of it) with Am when the rest went back.
Park Hae Jin is so cute, by the way.

so, today was nothing much.
except, now, there's the whole Chelsea and Man Utd thing.
and later on, Liverpool will be playing with Birmingham.
I feel, like I'm giving up. seriously, I don't even bother with football anymore.
well, I try not to.

the best part about typing,
is that, no matter how sad or pissed off you are,
when you add a smiley at the end of the sentence,
people just assume you're doing great.
the smiley can be extremely convincing (:


it's 3:45am, Liverpool should be playing Birmingham about now.
and East of Eden just keeps adding characters in, and I'm getting so confused with EVERYTHING
and I hate watching shows that way.
really, just hate it.
I get so frustrated.
so, conclusion, I will sleep.
look at the Liverpool scores tomorrow morning.
do something about my "confusations"
and play tomorrow's match.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is It

hellooo there.
my night wasn't exactly great.
but I'm the one to blame.
I was already prepared for a not so great night.
and was already ready to blame myself for it.

but now that I'm home, I feel better.
not great, but better.

anyway, going to Curve tomorrow.
with Am, Jeannie, and Eening.
gonna watch This Is It, AGAIN! :D
and probably have some KTZ after that
and yada yada.

can't wait, I'm hoping tomorrow'll be a good day!

you're competitive, but you just don't see it.
you wanna be great, but you're trying to be humble.
you wanna be the best, but you're not getting far, and it doesn't satisfy you.
someone does that, and you just wanna do it too, hoping you'd be far better.
you think you're great, but you're not.
you're just an average person, that does average things.
and you're just gonna have to deal with it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Feel the Salty Waves Come in

I just watched Jennifer's Body "today" with Shafiq, Elyas, Jian Yong, Jas, Ee Lin and Dickson.
a little retarded and also a little creepy.

anyway, I was just doing the Su Doku book that Elyas got me from Australia.
which I feel extremely grateful for (: 'cause mine's practically DEAD.
and it cost like, 15 AUD.
which is almost RM50!
and you can get a Su Doku book here for about, RM12. -.-
BUT, this isn't your ordinary Su Doku book.
it has NO actual value.
literally. NONE.
they only cage a few boxes and tell you the sum of that cage.
so, it's pretty tough.
I finished 2.
I didn't time the first one, but the 2nd took me 45 minutes and 10 seconds. :/
and the time limit was 17 minutes!
"the deadliest collection yet"
it makes my copy seem EXTREMELY easy.

also, there were supposed to be plans for baking at Eening's house with Kat and her.
but, she's got some basketball thing,
so, it's cancelled. :/

OH! and not to forget, I went to MPH to buy some stuff. (:
'cause I can't help but spend when I have money to spend!
anyway, I gathered and counted.
and it reached up to about RM20, give or take.
so I went to the counter.
the lady scanned everything and it stated on the price label thing "RM 6.40"
so I just looked around thinking probably she hadn't finished scanning all of it.
and she looks and me and says, "it's 6 ringgit 40 cents"
so I looked at her, SO confused.
and I was like, "huh?" I thought maybe the display had problems and I heard her wrongly.
and then she says, "RM6.40"
I asked, "are you sure? for all of that?"
and she said, "yeah yeah"
I just looked at her with a confused look.
and kept asking her if she was sure.
and she looked at me weirdly, probably wondering why I was looking at her weirdly.
so, I was expecting myself to walk out the bookstore and the alarms would go off.
then she'd know what I was talking about.
but, strangely, THEY DIDN'T GO OFF!
so I just went off -.-
turns out, she didn't charge me for the 3 stacks of coloured paper I bought.
which would sum up to about, 13bucks?
I felt guilty all the way home.
until I thought to myself, "this is a good thing! I just got lucky"
I don't believe in karma in the first place.
and if it's anything, I know that doing good, doesn't get you any far than doing bad does.
so, hmp (:

well, it's all pretty wordy.
but, I'mma continue East of Eden.
Park Hae Jin is sooo sexyy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanks, Liverpool

I'm not going to school tomorrow.
which is so very aweshmoee.
I kinda promised that I'll be watching on the stall tomorrow.
but my mom's too lazy to pick me up from school anyway.
so, I'm sorry :/

I'm in the midst of Episode 8, yay.
and I love Kim Hyun Joong. (;

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Waving My White Flag

faster progress today for East of Eden.
Episode 6!
they've finally grown up.
and Park Hae Jin appears.
it's weird, the guy's in Macao but he speaks Korean sometimes.
and Mandarin sometimes too, of course.

blaghh. other than the television,
everything's getting me moody -.-
my parents and stupid results in school.

sometimes, it's like you're trying to show that you're great.
when in actual fact, you just as normal as everyone else.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Self-Esteem? none.

I've been blogging pretty often lately.
'cause nowadays I've been getting pretty annoyed and frustrated.
it's really annoying.
sigh. and this could really just help me let it all out.

you know, some people probably would, the feeling when you've proven yourself trustworthy.
and you don't do anything to make someone doubt it.
but day by day,
they just, still don't seem to trust you anyway?
yeah, THAT. exactly that.
and how some just assume they're so good. -.-
with all the power in the wooorld
and they just seem to have that insecurity or self-consciousness that makes them have the need to claim their best.

I can't wait for school to be over. and EVERYTHING's over.
I need it.
let loose.
watch a WHOLE bunch of tv!
and everythingg.


I'm currently watching East of Eden.
which is progressing extremely slowly.
'cause I'm half-mindedly watching So You Think You Can Dance
and also on Facebook.
of course, I'm also chatting.
so, it's going realllllyyy slowlyy.

I loooove Kim Hyun Joong.
I need to meet him.
and I wanna meet SS501.
and I wanna. ekkkkkk.
shiiiiit. I looooove him (:


I'm trying to convince myself I don't hate you.
but it's getting hard. it really, really is.

blagh, I'm now watching East of Eden and the 3rd episode just ended. I think my eyeballs are gonna just fall out like going down a waterfall
I'm crying like crazy here. and it's only the end of the 3rd episode.
there are FIFTY SIX episodes. :/ lots more to goo!

Monday, November 2, 2009

'Till You're Screaming My Name

my results, awful.
I need to set my priorities straight.

anyway, I'm currently watching East of Eden.
blaghh. it's like so, jab jab

also, the funniest thing happened today with Amelia Chan.
ohgosh. retarded.

that's about it.
there're a bunch of game competitions going on in school.
and yada yada. -.-

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Break My Heart

Liverpool just lost 3-1 to Fulham.
and, I'm not in the mood to talk about it.

Adam Lambert's new single is outtt!
For Your Entertainment.
it's getting more and more catchy (:

I went to Elaine's house at Valencia just now for Halloween.

that's about it.