Friday, November 13, 2009


the title has more meaning that you think (:

anyway, went to school today.
we had our basketball rematch.
which went pretty well (:
although, having difficulties at the beginning of the match,
we won 2-0
so we'll be in the finals against Columbus.
and they look pretty scary.
okay, about today's match.
it was pretty intense.
and right before the match started,
Eening was like, "oh shit like. we got no hope anymore" yada yada yada -.-
she keeps saying that.
but I, who felt extremely motivational for some reason, thought we could do okay.
and we did! (: of course, we were the underdogs.

after school, went to the nearby hor fan restaurant. yumm (:
and bought some cross-stitching thing which is so much more expensive than I would've imagined.
EVERYTHING IS SO NEARBY! I'll be getting my specs later I think?


I'm moving.
to Damansara Heights
in 3 months.
we've had the Damansara Heights house for a while now.
never stayed in it.
was going to sell it as well for the money.
turns out, not selling it anymore.
so, we'll be staying there!

I'm going to miss SS2. seriously.
  • the convenience like the everything that's within walking distance. the restaurants with alllll the good food, the optometrist, the bookstore, the convenience store, the store with the cloth, the store with the sewing things, the store where I get my Korean shows, the store where I get the regular shows, the store with ANYTHING. literally EVERYTHING is gettable in SS2!
  • One Utama and Curve are nearer as well.
  • I love my house. ):
  • I'm gonna miss my neighbours
I'm going to lose SO MUCH.
and gain almost nothinggg. blaghh. this is sad.
I'm EXTREMELY tired now. ekk.
watching East of Eden.
I think I'll be going for an education fair tomorrow and KLCC or something?

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