Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time for Change

it's gonna be a new yearr! (:
ready for change?
resolutions for your new year ready?
new people to meet?
places to go?


Monday, December 29, 2008

Friends, Amazing Friends

I went to The Apartment, The Curve for lunch today.
with Eening, Jeannie and Amelia.

(pictures from Yeoh Eening!)
I reached and just a few minutes, a dish had already come for me.

it's called Andrew Pasta?
I think it's sorta Amelia's favourite dish.
but I didn't really like it.
It was kinda bitter.
but at the same time, overly salty.

the dessert.
1 glass was filled with strawberry and yoghurt.
and 1 glass was filled with peaches, kiwi and yoghurt.
but, I'm kinda allergic to kiwi?
and I can't eat yoghurt.
but, I liked the peaches!

so then, we were just stoning.
and then, I was like, "can't we go?"
and then the waiter came out with a cake!
and I was like, O_O
it was really sweet!

Amelia Chan, Jeannie TYN and Yeoh Eening!

and then Eening and I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.
the guys in it are, AMAZINGLY gorgeous.

anyway, results in just a matter of hours.
I think I'll just stay up.

that's about it!
loveyoutobitslahhhx! <3

It's Not Anger

I'm calmmm! (:

I have pictures!
well, they're stolen.
some from Joshua's Facebook.

this is such an adorable picture.

AHAHAHA, Joshua.

anyway, there were matches today!
they put a HUGE smile on my face.
I was kinda at the wedding. but I left early.

so, I managed to see about, 20 minutes of the match?
so, I only saw the penalty.
it was friggin'
Newcastle United vs. Liverpool!

Liverpool 1 - Newcastle 0
Steven Gerrard!

Liverpool 2 - Newcastle 0
Sami Hyypia!

Liverpool 2 - Newcastle 1
David Edgar.

Liverpool 3 - Newcastle 1
Ryan Babel!

Liverpool 4 - Newcastle 1
Steven Gerrard!

Liverpool 5 - Newcastle 1
Xabi Alonso (Penalty) !

anddddd, Chelsea drew with Fulham!
(: (:

so, it's been a happy dayyy!!

I'm going to makan to the Makan Buddies tomorrow!
at The Apartment, The Curve?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthdayyy!

(looooooong blabbery post ahead. sorry)

in your faceeee :P
even though most of my friends are ALREADY 15.

anyway, I have to thank everyone for wishing me (:
it's so nice!
and thanks to those who came yesterday! I had a great time.
and also, a HUGE sorry to those who didn't have a great time.
I'm srsly not a good host/party planner/person!
and HUGE thanks to those that got me gifts (:

I have no pictures, sadly.
so, yeah. :/
I had an amazing timeee!
got to catch up with everyone (:

I love all of you guysss!
GAH! (: <3

and I'm really sorry if you didn't exactly have a good time :/

it feels like this post is never gonna end cause I just can't stop apologising and saying thanks!

I'll stop.

so, I'm gonna be going for my uncle's wedding tonight.
at Kota Kemuning!
uncle's getting married on mah birthday!

and also, Kat's aunt just gave birth TODAY! (:

and Liverpool is playing against Newcastle today!
which, I doubt I'm gonna be able to watch.

andddd, speaking of which!
Liverpool played against Bolton on the 26th!
and wonnnnn!
go Keane (;

so, I'll just shutup nowww.
and I have to say thanks again!
I had an AMAZING time.

except at the end of the day, when I kinda shouted and swore.
REALLY not my kinda thing.
I rarely swear. mostly, NEVER.
except the common words, though.
I'm not sure if I kinda overreacted? and maybe I shouldn't have sworn or shouted?
but, I'm not gonna apologise for it.
as a first!
cause, most of you guys didn't say anything either.

ANYWAY, thanks for an amazing timeee!
and SOOO sorry for those who didn't really have a good time and nearly died of boredom?
REALLY sorry! :/

and again, this LAST TIME,

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Geez Louise!


I'm extremely frustrated to find out when the PMR results will be announced.

SOOO many people have told me it'll be on the 27th?
it can't be on the 28th, cause it's a Sunday.
and 29th is a public holiday.

so, I've been juggling between the 27th, or the 30th?

I googled and..

The Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2008 result will be announced on 30 December 2008 and all candidates can obtain the result from their schools

so, I'm guessing it's on the 30th?
I'd seriously rather it on the 30th than the 27th!


I think it's on the 30th.
My mom says she heard it on the radiooo!

so, yeahh (:

The Big One Five?

"yesterday", Dickson turned FIFTEENNN!
I don't really have a proper picture.

I look like crap.
and Dickson looks tired
it was after MAAs.
so, yeah.

anyway, my dear friend, Dickson Lew just turned 15!
he's ALWAYS a jerk to me.
ALWAYS treats me like crap.
ALWAYS insults me.
but, he can be nice.
not to me, though.
but he's nice!!

I'm pretty beat noww,
just came back from Li Ann's birthday party.
Happy Early 15th Birthdayyy, Mah Li Annnn!
I haven't been that close to you lately,
but I'll miss youu!
and your extremely fast talking O_o

she had it at SohoKL.
I was kinda, lonering.
and only hung out with Daniel, Jia Shern, Dickson, Joshua, Shafiq and Mervin most of the time.
there was dancing and stuff,
but I'm not much of a mover. :/

so, yeah.
that's about ittt!

iiiiiit's theeeeee.. Great Big Book of Everything,
with everything inside.
See the world around us.
The Book's a perfect guide!

it's been stuck in my head for a while.

oh, and I can't stop coughing.
it hurts my damn throatttt!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is it BAD?

Chelsea drew.
but Liverpool SHOULDN'T have!
they shouldn't have drawn with Fulham,
West Ham United
and Stoke EITHER.

anyway, I am officially sick (:
and I'm almost turning 15 soon.

Monday, December 22, 2008

One Way or the Other

(boring post ahead)

Liverpool drew with Arsenal.
it was pretty odd.
I think Liverpool weren't doing THAT well at the first half.
but, at the 2nd half, they were ALL working REALLY hard.
and then, when Adebayor got sent off,
Arsenal started playing better with 10 men.

anyway, I was so hoping they would win.
cause, they can't afford not to.
but, tough luck, I guess.

the Arsenal players are pretty rough.
they're pretty scary.
and the referee was like, a little nuts.
he gave out like, 7 yellow cards.

Daniel Agger is too cute

anyway, I had a really fun day today!
I had some parent-daughter quality time (:

the parents and I went shopping at OU today.
I bought some clothes and a pair of shoes.
then we ate at this Taiwanese restaurant near TGV?
and then watched Body of Lies.
for the 2nd time.

which made me realise,
something that I didn't realise when I watched it the first time cause I was busy trying to understand the show,
that Leonardo DiCaprio is EXTREMELY talented.
I mean, I always realised he was talented.
but, he is just, REALLY talented.

anyway, after that, my mom bought some cake for her friend.
to cheer her up.
cause her mom passed away.

and then, we reached home to freshen up for about 5 minutes or so.
and then we went to PASAR MALAM!
which was really fun. we ate and walked.
looked at some stuff.
yada yada.

and my feet really hurt. :/
but, it was a really fun dayyy!

I think I'm falling sick.
no surprise there.
always fall sick when it nears my birthday anyway.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

From Head to Toe

hellooo, earthlings!
I'd like to say HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY to CAROLYNN (:
I don't exactly know herr,
but I've been chatting with her for quite some time,
so, just wishing her a happy birthdayy!

alsooo, Happy Birthday Tamara! (:
my oh-so-very-cute cousinnn!

and last but no least,
Happy Birthday Jackson Rathboneeee! (:

other than that, there's a Liverpool match "tomorrow"
against Arsenal.
and I have a baaaad feeling about it.

I'm probably becoming a serious pessimist noww, :/
a bit scary.

I've "worked" at Caterpillar in Sri Hartamas for 3 daysss
the kids are just, ADORABLEE!

the pictures were from Friday,
we made muffins (:
and decorated themm!

(pictures below are editted. sorry if they look a little odd. was experimenting)

Kristina (left) and Thomas (right) !

Jade (left), Thomas (center) and Kristina (right)



Katherine and Jade!

Momoka (center) and Kento (right)


this is Kano!


isn't he adorableeeee?

she's sooo cuteee!

Kaylie, it was her birthday!

After cleaning up and when everyone had left,
Jade, Miya, Sam and I managed to decorate our own muffins!

this is Jade's
her American and British flag
with a marshmallow snowman next to it

this was Sam's!

Miya's! she did her's REALLY slowly and carefully!


the rest of Miya's.


L-R: Miya, Sam, Jade, Tesha

We headed off to Bangsar Shopping Complex after that.
Tamara went to the Jungle Gym.

Thomas' name tag stuck on Jade's phone.
he stuck it on my sleeve earlier that day.
but, I was NICE enough to give it to Jade (:

Cam Gigandet! (:

being retards at Jade's

After that, we went to pick Jessica up from the airport as she just came back from Perth!
she brought back loads of stuff!

these were weird Skittles.
the red ones were like,
Spicy Strawberry or something.
and they were actually spicy!
and there was a mint one too. very odd :s

anyway, I'm EXTREMELY tired.
it's already 3:40am!
which means I took like, more than 3 hours to finish up this post