Monday, December 22, 2008

One Way or the Other

(boring post ahead)

Liverpool drew with Arsenal.
it was pretty odd.
I think Liverpool weren't doing THAT well at the first half.
but, at the 2nd half, they were ALL working REALLY hard.
and then, when Adebayor got sent off,
Arsenal started playing better with 10 men.

anyway, I was so hoping they would win.
cause, they can't afford not to.
but, tough luck, I guess.

the Arsenal players are pretty rough.
they're pretty scary.
and the referee was like, a little nuts.
he gave out like, 7 yellow cards.

Daniel Agger is too cute

anyway, I had a really fun day today!
I had some parent-daughter quality time (:

the parents and I went shopping at OU today.
I bought some clothes and a pair of shoes.
then we ate at this Taiwanese restaurant near TGV?
and then watched Body of Lies.
for the 2nd time.

which made me realise,
something that I didn't realise when I watched it the first time cause I was busy trying to understand the show,
that Leonardo DiCaprio is EXTREMELY talented.
I mean, I always realised he was talented.
but, he is just, REALLY talented.

anyway, after that, my mom bought some cake for her friend.
to cheer her up.
cause her mom passed away.

and then, we reached home to freshen up for about 5 minutes or so.
and then we went to PASAR MALAM!
which was really fun. we ate and walked.
looked at some stuff.
yada yada.

and my feet really hurt. :/
but, it was a really fun dayyy!

I think I'm falling sick.
no surprise there.
always fall sick when it nears my birthday anyway.


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