Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthdayyy!

(looooooong blabbery post ahead. sorry)

in your faceeee :P
even though most of my friends are ALREADY 15.

anyway, I have to thank everyone for wishing me (:
it's so nice!
and thanks to those who came yesterday! I had a great time.
and also, a HUGE sorry to those who didn't have a great time.
I'm srsly not a good host/party planner/person!
and HUGE thanks to those that got me gifts (:

I have no pictures, sadly.
so, yeah. :/
I had an amazing timeee!
got to catch up with everyone (:

I love all of you guysss!
GAH! (: <3

and I'm really sorry if you didn't exactly have a good time :/

it feels like this post is never gonna end cause I just can't stop apologising and saying thanks!

I'll stop.

so, I'm gonna be going for my uncle's wedding tonight.
at Kota Kemuning!
uncle's getting married on mah birthday!

and also, Kat's aunt just gave birth TODAY! (:

and Liverpool is playing against Newcastle today!
which, I doubt I'm gonna be able to watch.

andddd, speaking of which!
Liverpool played against Bolton on the 26th!
and wonnnnn!
go Keane (;

so, I'll just shutup nowww.
and I have to say thanks again!
I had an AMAZING time.

except at the end of the day, when I kinda shouted and swore.
REALLY not my kinda thing.
I rarely swear. mostly, NEVER.
except the common words, though.
I'm not sure if I kinda overreacted? and maybe I shouldn't have sworn or shouted?
but, I'm not gonna apologise for it.
as a first!
cause, most of you guys didn't say anything either.

ANYWAY, thanks for an amazing timeee!
and SOOO sorry for those who didn't really have a good time and nearly died of boredom?
REALLY sorry! :/

and again, this LAST TIME,

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