Sunday, May 31, 2009


Happy 16th Birthday Michel (;
sorry we can't celebrate it with you or anything.
you live in Klang :/

anyway, I've known Michel for about 3 years.
she's always been really fun and cheerful.
I've never been exactly THAT close to her.
but, I've gotten to know quite a bit about her. (:

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's A Wonder

I'm watching We Got Married.
gosh, Hyun Joong is so adorable.
sadly, I don't understand Korean.
but fortunately, there're English subtitles.

but, it ends!
they look so cute together!
and he's so sweet.
and she's so sweet.
it ends.

you have no idea how sad I am.
I am literally SO devastated that I had to blog about it to make myself feel better

I am, SAD

I'm Clueless of What I'm Feeling

I found out,
just a few hours ago.
(yes, it is 6am and I'm still awake. I should really get some sleep)
that Fernando Torres is officially married.
just a small ceremony with 2 guests at the place they grew up together.
gahh, so sweeet.

not those regular rich football players and their WAGs wanting a huge expensive wedding.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Don't Know!

going out for lunch soon.
exams are overrrr.

I just came to say,
I love Kim Hyun Joong.
gosh, he's SOO cute.
I think I'mma start listening to SS501

this is not healthy.

anyway, I went to OU yesterday with Wen Chien and Eening.
watched Night at the Museum 2.
it was okay.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Too Happy

it is 4am.
I'm half-mindedly watching the Barcelona vs. Manchester United match in Rome.
and I am pretty happy. it's currently 1-0, Barca leading.

I hope Barca stays that way.

I'm youtube-ing and laughing my ass off.

I watched Boys over Flowers last weekend.
and now I'm addicted to Kim Hyun Joong.
gosh, he's too adorable.

EST in 4 hours.
I think I'll be going out after the exam! (: yay.


TWO - 0
wooooh! go Barcelona.
I just saw Ronaldo kick Puyol and showed a face.
I hate the guy.
he just, looks too arrogant and smug-ish.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Somewhere Only We Know

tomorrow, EST
the end.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just A Little More

it is, TUESDAY! (;
my last exams're on Thursday.
and I only have one paper then!

tomorrow, Mathematics and NCC!

anyway, I'm going crazy!

looooove (;

well, exams tomorrow.
and, I get the feeling my results won't turn out so well.
but, fingerscrossed! x

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm in Love with Fictional Characters

I need help.
I'm watching too many movies.

why're the guys overly sweet it movies? :/

gahh, I'm so tired.
and I have to study 5 chapters of Bio.
and there's dinner to celebrate.
I'm just so, ekkkk to studyy!

and I've never done an EST paper :/

this isn't going to go so well.

Over and Out

blaghh. I had Physics today :/
I was hoping for an A?
but after taking the paper,
even hoping for an A sounds stupid.
I don't know what to expect.
but, I'm hoping it'll satisfy.
or be more than satisfying.

tomorrow, FOUR papers.
Biology Paper 1, Biology Paper 2, Biology Paper 3 and EST Paper 2 if I'm not mistaken?

I might not be going to Australia.
which is pretty disappointing.
I was kinda looking forward to it.
but I might be going!
so, fingerscrossed! x

today, is my maid's birthday.
she's been with my family and I for about 8 years?
and there're SO many meals downstairs being prepared.
and my aunts're coming over to celebrate with some cakes (:

wish me luck tomorrow,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Almost Empty

I think I'm gonna die.
I didn't study.

and, as a plus, I have gone crazy.
like, not crazy, worried crazy.

but literally, psychotic.
my thoughts have been a bit odd.
and my dreams have been a little odd as well.

I don't know if it's the sleeping hours.
but, I've been feeling weird.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good to Know

had tuition.
watching the American Idol repeat for the 2nd time.
gosh, Adam did sooo well. blagh. love'm.
and David Cook is SOO cute!

the episode was really funny.
the whole thing.
no joke.
best finale everr

except, the fact that it ended with Adam losing.
and Kris Allen and his wife are SOO adorable.
and he's so cute too.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are You Real?

so, I'm officially failing my Moral exam.
I hope my Chemistry won't turn out too bad though.

no school tomorrow ! (;
no exam !
no waking up early !

but then, there's next week -.-
I can't wait for all of it to end!

and also -.-
Kris Allen won.
yes, he's talented. and I do like him! and he's also cute and nice and everything.
but he's no Adam.
I mean, Kris is typical.
you can find anyone like Kris.
but Adam's spectacular
I don't understand how Adam could lose.
he is more talented than ANYONE could ever be.
I mean, article after article, video after video.
all the comments, Adam has SOO many fans!

but, I really think that Kris won not because people voted for HIM
but because people didn't want to vote for Adam.
so it was liking Kris that won, but disliking Adam.
Adam is the whole package with extra talent, rolled up into a box and GIVEN to America and American Idol.
and he doesn't win? -.- pee-eff-eff-tee

but, maybe it isn't such a bad thing that he doesn't win.
I mean, the single wasn't exactly good :/
hope he does welll :/

tuition later at 8:30 -.-

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Makes You Different?

okay. just a quick post.
I just got back from school.

my mind was in all sorts of places.
2 Additional Mathematics papers and a paper 3 for Chemistry.

I'm not exactly sure how I did.
but, I'm hoping to ace it?
I guess?

well, fingerscrossed. x

and, I'll be watching American Idol in an hours time!
Adam Lambert HAS to win.
he definitely HAS to.
I love the guy!
adam adam adam adam adam adam adammm!

oh, and did I forget to mention?
I'm in the Cheer team representing school, Stunners.
yeah, apparently, they're short of people :/

buttt, I'm going to be in Australia and will be missing a week of school,
so, they put me as a sub!
which is good,
cause, I'm not so good at the performing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

hello, world.
History is finally over.
which, I'm positive I'm failing.
BM's also over,
which, I'm ALSO positive that I'm failing.
and English?
I have nothing to say about THAT.
I don't think I'll be doing so well.

tomorrow, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry!

okay, this'll be a quick one!
so, today, we had tests, and they didn't go that well :s
and tomorrow, American Idol.
Adam Lambert for the win (;

fingerscrossed. x


MYEs JUST started.
and I'm dying for it to be over.
right now, I can't exactly identify whether I'm tired or not.
I didn't sleep last night.
but I took a nap this evening.
which wasn't as long as I thought it would be.

so, I was expecting to be dyingly tired right now.
but, I'm not sure if I'm tired or not.

anyway, today we had both our BM papers, I'm SO glad it's over with.
and also our first paper for Sejarah.
I would say it was pretty easy,
but, when it comes to History,
I'll never know. it could be extremely easy, and I'd still fail.

tomorrow, we have both the English papers and the 2nd History paper.
which makes me feel so reluctant to study.
cause I'm just dying to get it over with!

then the rest of the papers, I don't hate so much.
except, of course, moral studies and NCC(?), -.-

anyway, I should get started on studying or something?

fingerscrossed. x

of course, not forgetting.
how extremely good Fernando Torres will look in the new away kit :o

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free of Charge

I am pretty tired.
but I have to say, I've been sleeping quite a lot :/

anyway, I can't believe MYEs are on Monday.
that only gives me Sunday to study.
and I take AGES to study Sejarah.
I'm not even done,
I haven't started anything on BM.

then, how am I gonna just wing it for Additional Mathematics and then Chemistry?
or Moral?

I don't think it's gonna go so well,
I'm scared
and I'm worried.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We All Drop


Manchester United win the league.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Has No Name

hello, World!
had to go to school today -.-

I was planning on skipping class yesterday,
but then, I went anyway. thinking "never mind, I'll stay home on Friday"

and then, turned out, I had to go to school today!

Happy Teacher's Day 
to all the lovely teachers (:
we had a kind of "surprise" celebration for the teachers this year.
I was told yesterday night that we had to perform the skit.
so, we went to school totally unprepared, and just performed.

it was pretty cool, when all the teachers came into the hall and everyone started shouting.
then we performed. and that was pretty much the whole day!

and, Adam Lambert does not screech or scream when he does his songs. It's called singing -.-

also, Liverpool vs. West Brom.
I think tomorrow? :/
and Machester United have to lose.
HAVE to. Come on, Arsenal.
do me good ?

I am Adam Lambert-ing,
Adam Lambert has to win AI
and because I am not from the US,
I can't vote.
so, VOTE. (:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sort Things Out

Adam Lambert HAS to win American Idol.
I would DIE for him to win.
he deserves it so much.
and the judges might be a little bias and Katy Perry too,
but, he deserves the love.
and, he shouldn't be punished by the fact that the judges, especially Simon, love him.
'cause I've been reading a lot of comments about people voting for Kris just because people love Adam.
and it's stupid -.-

anyway, had school today.
wasn't going to go. but I went.
tomorrow, I have school.
wasn't going to go EITHER. but, I'm going -.-

MYEs are soon.
VERY soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guide to Life?

helloooo, it is a Wednesday.
therefore, there was American Idol!

before that, I had school.
and yada yada.
the usuals I guess.

after that, I came home.
watched American Idol!
I think Adam's first song was nicer than his 2nd.
but they were both GOOD (: loooove'im
I never liked Danny Gokey, so, in my opinion, he wasn't so good.
but I kinda enojoyed his "You Are So Beautiful to Me".
and of course, the ever so cute, Kris! his Apologize was just, okay, I guess.
but his Heartless was like, jaw-droppingly amazing.
the way he totally changed the song! love.

anyway, I'm not going to school tomorrroooooow!
wooop (:
I don't think I'm gonna be going to school on Friday either.
Teacher's Day. :/

MYEs are in a just 4 days!
I suddenly get the feeling I'm not gonna do so well.
for ANY of it.


okay, I am going to school tomorrow -.- lol

Monday, May 11, 2009




Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh, the HEAT

hellooo, I am burning.
it is seriously HOT.
the weather is killing me.

anyway, today is Mother's Day.
I spent it well, a bit differently than most I guess.

I woke up pretty late, and then went for lunch at a chicken rice store at Jalan Gasing.
at which, I saw a Cesc Fabregas billboard.
anyway, then I came home and chilled and just chit chatted.
and then I was going to study, but my sister came up to me and said "let's go to Bukit Kiara"
so, we went.
I hit the gym with mom and dad.
then we went for an early dinner at a neighbourhood restaurant.

and now, I'm here.
at an air conditioned room but still, it's BURNING.
and I have tuition in about, 40 minutes. (;

so, taaa.

MYEs are in 8 days an counting!


okay, I've taken a million quizzes on Facebook.
and it's been proven,
I am an awful friend.
I haven't scored 100 for ANY of them!

anyway, Liverpool vs. West Ham United just ended.
and Fernando Torres, will you PLEASE score more goals!
as sexy as you look on the field, you need to scoreee!

I'm tired.

Barcelonaaaaa (; 6-2 Real Madrid at Bernabeu! 

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I had a few hour study session just now.
I did some Add. Math and Chemistry.
then I read like, 2 paragraphs of Sejarah.
but, I couldn't do it.
it was toooo much.
MYEs are in about a weeks time.
and I am not good to go.
I don't think I'll ever be,
but, still,
doesn't feel good!
I still have so much to study.
I mean, Sejarah, BM, Moral!
those subjects KILL me.
I really need to put in more effort.
but it's WAY easier said than done.

I had a dinner celebration at...
Swensen's -.-

and tomorrow, is Mother's Day.
which, my family rarely celebrates.
but I think we'll be going out for dinner or lunch or something.
then comes Monday.
And the week pasts quickly like it does every week.
and TADA, it's time for my MYE.


Liverpool vs. West Ham United
12:30am GMT +8:00

Saw Through You

Happy Birthday Ni Ahn (:

today, 9th of May, is my little sister's birthday.
she pisses me a lot sometimes.
but, I love her (:

anyway, hello, World.
I'm just here to post a quick one.
then I'm off to do some revision.

yesterday was Friday.
had classes and a Chem test.
then I stayed back after school to catch the band prelims.

after that, went to Curve and watched Star Trek.
it was good. Chris Pine is kinda cute (;
after that Iman came and we just hung out in Borders/Starbucks.

woke up pretty early this morning.
and then went for lunch at around 11 something.
and now I'm here.

and I'm gonna go (;

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam

I'm dying.

I can't stop watching youtube videos of Adam Lambert
his interviews,
the celebrities that are fans of him,
his songs.

mygosh, he's such an amazing singer, so down-to-earth and so nice!
I am dying here.

adam adam adam adam adam

I love Kris, too.
but, yeah.

Global Warming

it has been dyingly hot lately.
in school, it's freezing cold.
but just as I get out of the car, into the house,
I feel the burn.
it's awful.

anyway, had school today (of course)
pretty fun.
and tiring, as usual.

Barcelona drew with Chelsea this morning.
which I missed.
but Barcelona won from an away goal (:
by Iniesta if I'm not mistaken.

so then, I came home and had tuition.
ate dinner.
and voila.
I am now here.

Allison went out from American Idol.
which pisses me off to no end.
I mean, I LOVE Kris Allen.
but I wouldn't be surprised if he'd gone out.
cause he didn't shine as much as Allison did yesterday.
but the best would've been if Danny Gokey and his screamo ass would take the boot.
I can't stand the guy.
he HAS to go!
but instead, Allison left?
of all, Allison?
of course, Adam Lambert is my ultimate favourite (:
looking for indescribable awesomeness? there, you have it.
and the hometown heroes video by the past American Idols made me wanna cry.

okay, so still, MYEs are in less than 2 weeks.
and it's creeping closer!

see you, world!

Hello, Sunshine

okay, I am in desperate need of someone to switch on study mode for me.
I need to study.
and I feel so guilty and anxious when MYEs are in less than 2 weeks and I'm not doing shit about it!

but, before that, (I will study soon) I will talk about American Idol.
I honestly think something's wrong with the judges and all of it!

I mean, Kris Allen didn't so so badly, but the comments weren't exactly good.
but Danny Gokey was just plain awful and yet, he managed to get a few compliments from the judges for "good effort"
his Dream On by Aerosmith was horrible beyond description!

of course, Adam Lambert FTW.
Kris Allen or Allison Iraheta next.
hopefully, but doubtfully, Gokey gets the boot (;

study time (;
another worthless attempt to study, thank you.

ohgosh, MYE hasn't even started yet and I can't wait for it to end.
how I already have so many things to do during the holidays!
but also, hopefully, MYE results won't be so bad. (preferably good)

fingers crossed

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Does It Mean Anything?

hello, I just got back from school. (:
gonna watch American Idol later!
MYEs are in less than 2 weeks.
and I attempted studying yesterday night.
but, of course, failed miserably.

I need motivation!
as a start, to the bookstore to get some books!

I am TERRIFIED for BM and Sejarah.
don't think it'll go so well.

anyway, luck needed (:

Sunday, May 3, 2009


yesterday, I had a pretty fun day (:
watched Saw and Saw II
it was pretty freaky so we switched to Hairspray after that.
slowly, one by one started going home.
but, It was pretty fun!

anyway, I went for lunch somewhere, no idea where, just now.
and I have tuition later.
which, I just realised, mean I can't watch the Liverpool vs. Newcastle match -.-

have a good Sunday (;
Monday's coming :/

Friday, May 1, 2009

To Change the World.

today was a day.
just, a day.

I woke up at around 11 something.
and went to lunch around 12:30.
was supposed to head to OU after that.
but, because Elyas wasn't going, I decided not to go (sorry, Aly)
I didn't want to be the 3rd wheel of many wheels -.-

so, after that, we headed to Tropicana City.
I went into the DVD store and I just felt like watching every single movie!
anyway, then, went to Carrefour.
bought some stuff.

I got home and watched Chuck (:
it's a nice movie so far.
but I hate how he always screws up.
but it's funny.

I had dinner.
my brother came back for a little while.
didn't spend much time with him, really.
he just, came and left.

so, tomorrow a few'll be coming for a movie marathon! (:
fun! I can't wait.


I was EXTREMELY pissed.
as I woke up from my nap to catch the first air of American Idol at 6pm.
Kris Allen was amazingly cute during the group performance (;

bottom three:
Matt Giraud, Adam Lambert (?), Kris Allen (?).

my three favourites of the whole show.
I mean, Allison's good.
but, she's not exactly great.
neither's Matt. but I've grown a liking towards him.

anyway, Matt's in the bottom.
it's not that surprising since he's been pretty unstable with the votes lately.
but, the thing that ticked me was Kris Allen and Adam Lambert being in the bottom.
I'm getting a slight feeling the system is rigged (?)  to earn more money so that the fans will vote twice as much.
but, American Idol seems like a professional enough reality TV show to not do that.
so, I guess America didn't vote (?).
maybe most were probably thinking "what's the point? others'll vote"

I'm reading all the articles online and everyone's going crazy.
I am too. I mean, Adam Lambert in bottom TWO?
it's impossible, honestly.
I don't exactly like Danny Gokey.
was sorta wishing he would be bottom.
rather than Adam Lambert or Kris, of course.

I LOVE both of them, Kris and Adam.
and it's pretty obvious both of them didn't belong in the bottom 3.
they're is beyond AMAZING.

I'm not happy -.-

anyway, something else!
it's Labour Day tomorrow!
my classmates're going to the zoo tomorrow, I think?
I think I'll be going to OU with Iman and all.
to shop?
the difference is, I have no money -.-

on Saturday a few friends'll be coming for a movie marathon! (I think?)
Dickson is extra excited cause we'll be having a Saw marathon.

Mid-year Exams are in 2 weeks.
it's scares me half dead,
but I can't stand it.
Class Test 2 just ended!
I want my TV time!

just a brief about the year so far,
  • I'm actually enjoying form 4 so far.
  • I like my classmates!
  • things're pretty fun now.
  • I had a (estimated) 8 minute skit performance few weeks back
  • and now the class has to come up with a 45 minute one for an environment friendly day or something. but, I don't think I'll be part of it. just props or something.
  • my results haven't been that bad. I guess? pretty satisfying?
  • things at home have been a bit, ...
  • my lip is currently bleeding :/