Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guide to Life?

helloooo, it is a Wednesday.
therefore, there was American Idol!

before that, I had school.
and yada yada.
the usuals I guess.

after that, I came home.
watched American Idol!
I think Adam's first song was nicer than his 2nd.
but they were both GOOD (: loooove'im
I never liked Danny Gokey, so, in my opinion, he wasn't so good.
but I kinda enojoyed his "You Are So Beautiful to Me".
and of course, the ever so cute, Kris! his Apologize was just, okay, I guess.
but his Heartless was like, jaw-droppingly amazing.
the way he totally changed the song! love.

anyway, I'm not going to school tomorrroooooow!
wooop (:
I don't think I'm gonna be going to school on Friday either.
Teacher's Day. :/

MYEs are in a just 4 days!
I suddenly get the feeling I'm not gonna do so well.
for ANY of it.


okay, I am going to school tomorrow -.- lol

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