Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Makes You Different?

okay. just a quick post.
I just got back from school.

my mind was in all sorts of places.
2 Additional Mathematics papers and a paper 3 for Chemistry.

I'm not exactly sure how I did.
but, I'm hoping to ace it?
I guess?

well, fingerscrossed. x

and, I'll be watching American Idol in an hours time!
Adam Lambert HAS to win.
he definitely HAS to.
I love the guy!
adam adam adam adam adam adam adammm!

oh, and did I forget to mention?
I'm in the Cheer team representing school, Stunners.
yeah, apparently, they're short of people :/

buttt, I'm going to be in Australia and will be missing a week of school,
so, they put me as a sub!
which is good,
cause, I'm not so good at the performing

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