Friday, May 15, 2009

This Has No Name

hello, World!
had to go to school today -.-

I was planning on skipping class yesterday,
but then, I went anyway. thinking "never mind, I'll stay home on Friday"

and then, turned out, I had to go to school today!

Happy Teacher's Day 
to all the lovely teachers (:
we had a kind of "surprise" celebration for the teachers this year.
I was told yesterday night that we had to perform the skit.
so, we went to school totally unprepared, and just performed.

it was pretty cool, when all the teachers came into the hall and everyone started shouting.
then we performed. and that was pretty much the whole day!

and, Adam Lambert does not screech or scream when he does his songs. It's called singing -.-

also, Liverpool vs. West Brom.
I think tomorrow? :/
and Machester United have to lose.
HAVE to. Come on, Arsenal.
do me good ?

I am Adam Lambert-ing,
Adam Lambert has to win AI
and because I am not from the US,
I can't vote.
so, VOTE. (:

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