Friday, August 29, 2008

So Close

I had my Science test today!
it wasn't the best, I hope I did fine.
I came home at around 11:30am
and took a 4-hour nap!

Last day tomorrow!
and then LUNCH!
at KTZ,
I think Bernardine will be joining us!
can't waittt!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wouldn't Mind a Little Appreciation

I had Math and BM papers todayy!
I found Math, quite satisfying? I hope
but BM was really difficult. well, paper1 definitely was.
and during BM Paper2, I couldn't think straight.
I don't know why. I had SO much trouble just looking for words!
I felt like I just crapped the whole paper.

I really hope it doesn't turn out so bad.
Tomorrow, we have English and Sejarah.
English, hopefully it'll be just fine.
it's Sejarah I'm kinda worried about.
I mean, I'm online.
that can't be good.
But, I think I'll be staying up.
If I can actually stand it.

47 Days

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

May the Better Man Win

it's almost 4am, and I'm awake.
I'm not supposed to be blogging, or even online.
I promised myself.
but, I'm watching the Manchester United vs. Portsmouth match anyway.
it is a really scary match.
everyone's so rough.
and Peter Crouch is still tall.

I have to admit, I can't wait for this Friday's lunch.
not because we're having it in KTZ Food.
it's just, because. (sentence ends here)
And as much as I think my friends have gone psychotic cause they've fallen in love with a restaurant without even having to try the food,
to the extent that they even had planned on a date to go,
I still can't wait. (:


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Guy with Long Sleeves

does anyone realise that Fernando Torres always wears long sleeves?
he was the only Liverpool player today, that wore long sleeves (:

anyway (:,


it was all last-minute scoring.
and like the dude said, "Liverpool. 2 bad performances. and yet, 6 points"
although they weren't so good.
but I'm happy (:

goals were scored by Jamie Carragher (85') Steven Gerrard (90'+4)
I was SO happy, I wanted to scream.
(eventhough Torres didn't score)
but I was watching it alone.
so there was no one to scream with/at
so I just put on a really big smiled and jumped.

I've been watching quite a lot of Lee Hom videos lately.
very fascinating.
did you know, he speaks French O.O

today involved a lot of sleeping

and a tad bit of studying.
and I had Frosties for dinner =/

24th August,

my weird friend here.
is really retarded, in a way.
she makes me smile!
it's really fun to hang out with her

(ps: can't wait to have lunch with my makan buddies at KTZ :])

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Talents of Your Talented Talent

I know, it's LATE
but I'm just blogging cause I feel like it.
I didn't study at all today.
I MIGHT later.

I was practically out for the whole day!

I just feel like saying,
it's nice to be happy. if you're sad, just try every way to make yourself happy.
cause it feels nice.

that's about it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


see the title above?
I've been so addicted to the song.
I don't really understand the song, but I know it says
"Beijing Welcomes You"

I have no idea why, but it makes me happy
I've been listening to it, ALL DAY!
there're a bunch of people in it, and they all look so happy.
which makes me happy.
it's just such a happy song
watch itt!

this is the them, LIVE (although they're PROBABLY lip-syncing, or not? no idea)
even if they are, everyone looks so happy and all!!
it's so HAPPY!
watch watch!


my WEEIRD friends, Amelia Chan and Yeoh Eening have both decided to have a little lunch at K.T.Z. Food.
on Friday, the 30th of August, after the last day of our trial 2 examination!
they have totally gone nuts and want to go there so badly
and they've never even been there.

TOPIC: Taylor Lautner
he is, sooo CUTE!

he acted in a music video!
sung by Cassi Thomson in the song Caught Up In You

this is a video, made by him for some school project with his girlfriend in it

OKAY OKAY! now prepare yourself for THIS video!
(it's kinda blurr, but please tolerate [:)

him singing in the movie The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl

other than that, on 23rd August (one day before Jeannie TYN turns 15) there is a Liverpool match!
tune innn!
Liverpool vs. Middlesbrough


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happily Ever After?

I think Amelia is probably really fascinated about the restaurant near my house (that she's never been to), KTZ Food.

I'll be kind of advertising the restaurant here.
and, my favourite dishes are,

"wall band"
it's this fried thingy with kaya inside or something?
reaaally good. (:

radish cake
you know radish?
well yeah, and some other stuff put into a cuboid. (:
verryy good (:

Mango Loh
this is a dessert, I guess?
it is shaved ice with mangoes and sago and some mango stuff.
this is extremely delicious.

(apologies, this looks kinda disgusting but I couldn't find another picture)
it's paper-wrapped chicken!
it's chicken, wrapped with paper and then fried.
yummmy (:

so yeah (: and like, loads moree!
everything was for Amelia to read. she's gone nuts.

I had tuition at 1pm to 3pm
and then at 3:30, I went over to Huiyi's house and Kim was there.
then I came home at 5:30 and ate an early dinner.
and then, (I feel bad to say this) came online.

so, that's about it.
there was/is some drama about today.
but, bagghh.

done done.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Fun and Games


A few of us had gone to One Utama (the mall that had changed the picture of the large billboard and took down Fernando Torres =.=) to celebrate the birthday of one of my best friend,
Wang Wen Chien.

we ate at TGI Friday and watched Wall-E (:
it was LOADS of fun. (:
to see pictures, go to Eening's Blog!


we had PMR extra classes for the subjects BM, Geography and Sejarah.
PICTURES (: I'll just upload ALL of them! (:

loves (:

mich and eening!


smiles! (:

retard much?

"I want to take a picture with Kat!"
"except, it'll just be Kat"


that's it for todayyyyy!
g'night, BYE.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunderland v. Liverpool

this 'morning' at 12:30am, was the Sunderland v. Liverpool football match.

results : Sunderland 0 - Liverpool 1

I stayed up to watch the match and some of the Olympics.

also view Amelia's Blog cause she wrote it with more detail

other than that, my days have been pretty normal.

I had Patriotic Run/Merdeka Carnival/Funtasia on Friday.
apologies, no pictures =/
I didn't attend Patriotic Run
but I had 3 football matches during the Merdeka Carnival.
and lost all 3, sadly.
but it was loads of fun.
I scored a goal (:

with help from Wen Chien.

the Funtasia performance wasn't so great.
but it was funny.

that's about it (:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Do You Do It?

okay, unlike YEOHEENING,
I had a VERY unproductive day.
I spent my day watching One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl
I tried to study, but I don't know why I couldn't.
I feel weirdly distracted.
and I don't know why.
so I had a Math/Science tuition just now.
that's about it.
so now, I shall do my karangan and study some Geo.
I'll just try.

this is really bad.
xoxo, TESHA

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Best Friend

today, the 11th of August is when my best friend turns 15!

on the 9th of August, a bunch of us had gone to her house to celebrate! (:



Happy Birthday, Loveliess!!





I had a really crap day today.
It has been SO crappy lately. =/
and there's something I just can't let go that I need to find out.

ANYWAY, this is my best friend!
Elyas Izzat Zulhisham being LALA!

he may give the worst first impression
but don't judge!
he can be really nice (: