Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lying to Myself

ohmygod. this is gonna be random.
but, I just suddenly thought,
maybe I'm actually not a nice person at all.
but, I'm lying? :s like, lying to myself.
you know, I don't lie. but, maybe I do! ohmygod.
I'm starting to get a weird feeling about myself :/

I Feel It

you know, when you're not exactly doing anything,
and your mind just starts to wander,
so, anyway, it got me to recall
I lost my Boys Over Flowers dvd. -.-
yes, I know, I think about that a lot.
but, it just gets me so frustrated to think that it has to be SOMEWHERE.
but, I can't find it anywhere!

also, I realise, I'm not the only one that noticed Torres' change in attitude :/

I'm just gonna post the link up so I can read it another time.

The real problem was a curiously lacklustre Steven Gerrard and the new angry version of Fernando Torres who seems to have developed a temper over the summer that makes him less effective than when he treated every challenge with haughty indifference.

Sigh, Fernando Torres. buck upp.
or Aquilani! get well, I haven't seen what you've got (:

alsoooo, Elyas lent me all three seasons of Friday Night Lights.
I just started (:
and Class Test 4 is on Thursday after the holidays.
and now it's already Wednesday, I have yet to touch a book.
I'm going for the Kinabalu trip on Saturday. and it's until Tuesday. :/

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dealing with Disappointment

that's gotta be a first.
first 3 matches.
and 2 losses.
last season, they only HAD two losses.
and now, the 2 are already here.
just waiting for more to come.

KIDDING, no more losses. PLEASE.
fingerscrossed, x.
come on Liverpool!
do us proud.

anyway, Fernando Torres' eye.
the bruise and bleeds from the Stoke City match.

it's all good! (:

header :s


slight movement.


walking off?

a bruise -.-

sighh, poor him.
he scored the goal for Liverpool though! (:

Standing Back Up

Liverpool are losing 2-0
to Aston Villa
ekkk, really breaks my heart.
and Fernando Torres is getting more and more disappointing.
he's diving, he's arguing, he's showing a face.
sigh. everything I thought he would never be -.-

but, his eye is bruised.
from the Stoke City match.
and it looks REALLY bad.
and at the same time, his jersey tore.
like, at the beginning of the match.
but, he still looks sexy as hell (:

Monday, August 17, 2009


why do you do this to me?
the only last season's top 4 that didn't win.
how seriously heartbreaking. -.-

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In My Dreams

ellooo, (:
I'm really sore.
I haven't been studying, I haven't done any homework.
but I wanna stay online :/
but, I can't!

anyway, I had the BEST dream last night.
I slept at around 6am.
and woke up at like, 3pm :/
if good dreams come around that time, I wouldn't mind doing it everyday!
I dreamt of Fernando Torres
and that I dated Fernando Torres! O_o
I know, he has a wife and kid.
but, :/ sigh.
anyway, then, halfway through, my mom woke me up.
BLAGHHH. and when I went back to sleep, I couldn't regain the dream -.-


blaghh, exhausted.
I know it's disgusting. I haven't showered. :/
I just got back from MTV World Stage and the post party at Euphoria.
had a friggin' blast! it was aweeshommme
christ, it was amazing.
the concert was amazing
the bands were really good
the singers were so charismatic.

I got to meet a few of them. (:
which was fun.
throat hurts though.
well, other than having an AWESOME time,
I have nothing much to say here :/

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Step to Solving A Problem, Admit You Have One

I'm obsessive.
and I don't like it.

I know I haven't blogged in a while.
totally forgot :/
but now, I need to get things off my mind.

everything is being retarded.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What A Way to End the Night

someone, please tell me if I've died.
gosh, I feel like shiiiiit.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Change, We Wait

gahh, I'm starting to fall sick.
I think ?
anyway, I'm having the most depressing weekend.
everyone's at Taman Negara
and usually, I always go out for lunch and/or dinner with the family.
but, we haven't been -.-
and I'm just home watching a bunch of tv and playing Facebook games.
I haven't even done any homework :/


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Devil in Me

I am pretty tired.
I slept at about, 5am and woke up at 10am for tuition in the morning.
was watching One Tree Hill
gah, I love it.
and the songs are damn good.
Kate Voegele is REALLY talented.
I like Chase with Brooke.
but, :/

I watched Michael Jackson just now
shiiiit, he's like, talented beyond talent.

anyway, I wanna watch so many shows.
but tomorrow's already Sunday
and I haven't done ANY homework :/

it's August, guys (;