Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am up.
I caught the 6pm show of American Idol.
was planning on re-watching the 8pm one and also the 12:30am one.
but, I accidentally napped and didn't wake up until 2 -.-

currently watching Manchester United vs. Arsenal.
Arsenal're down 1-0 at Old Trafford ):
John O'Shea scored. Happy Birthday to him.
and Tevez kicked Almunia's face and tried to act like it hurt, for HIM.

anyway, today we had a No Apologies, Life, Love+Sex talk.
It took up the whole day. and I slept for like, 2 hours of it or so.
I was literally dozing off and dying.
we did a few activities, which were fun.

pretty much sums up my day.

so, I'm off! really need to catch up on homework and projects.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am officially a FC Barcelona fan.
I'm up, watching the Barcelona vs. Chelsea match.
they are AMAZING to watch.
words CANNOT describe their talent.
and it's a goalless draw.
Barcelona really deserve to win.

they are beyond amazing.
Bojan Krkic is too adorable (;

Barcelona ! (;

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Lot is Never Enough

I have officially gotten back all my results for Class Test 2.
and, I have to say,
they aren't exactly satisfying.
I heard we have this talk in school tomorrow.
so AMELIA won't be going -.-

anyway, I have BM Lisan and English Oral I haven't exactly done.
I am dying to re-watch Spring Waltz (:
and Amelia doesn't like it.
I LOVE it (;
Mid-year exams are in about, 3 weeks??
it's pretty scary. I mean, Class Test 2 just ended.
cause they've been delaying it.
but, I guess I have to start studying for it :/

Monday, April 27, 2009


No, I don't believe that karma exists.
and yes, I admit, I'm not happy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

good things don't happen to good people.
good things happen to lucky people.

sometimes, you try to convince yourself that you're happy.
and after a while, all you feel is a hollow happiness.
but when things start to blow over again,
you start to feel that deep, deep down inside, you're not happy.
you might still have that little happiness from other things around you.
but at the end of the day, when it's just you alone, putting yourself to sleep,
you know, you're not happy.

there's no point looking forward to anything or hoping for a miracle.
'cause, the higher your hopes, the more painful when they fall.


do you hate?
I hate.

did you love?
I loved.

did you trust?
I trusted.

you're full of shit.
fucking depressing.

So Hard for It, Honey

they, are amazing.

Die for Something Real

Man Utd are now leading 5-2 against Tottenham.
gosh, Tottenham.
you really disappoint.
Tottenham were just leading 2-0 in the first half.
but, never mind.
Liverpool won 3-1 to Hull City.

Today, I woke up pretty late.
then I went for lunch and went to Jen Studio?
some film thingy for class.
Elliot's dad owns the studio.
very cool.

then, left around 5:30?
came home and watched a little Ghost Whisperer and ate dinner.
and yada yada.
pretty normal day. (;

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Regret? Don't

yes, I have been blogging more often nowadays.
my results,
are just.
I don't know what to say. I am really sad.
but, we'll be retaking our Physics exam and Chemistry exam cause the teachers weren't exactly satisfied with our results.
I had Add. Math and Biology exams today.
Biology was pretty simple, I guess.
I think I really screwed up my Add. Math though.
I don't have a good feeling.
I made SO many mistakes and so many things didn't come across my mind -.-

but, no regrets (;
tomorrow's Friday!
I love Fridays.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Andrei Arshavin Just Dug A Hole in My Heart

I am sad that Liverpool drew 4-4.
and that it was Arshavin's first time scoring 4 goals in a game.
I mean, it's FOUR goals.

apologies for all the American Idol videos on the left.
I just needed somewhere to put them.

tomorrow, Bio exam and Add. Math.
I don't wanna fail Bio.

I got pretty good results for my Mod. Math.
so, I hope the rest don't drop. :/


Liverpool's match was just over.
after the first half, Arsenal was leading. 1-0
scored by Arshavin.

then 2nd half,
Torres scored a goal, making it a draw 1-1
and then Benayoun with a header. which looked like only half a goal.
but, anyway, Liverpool were leading 2-1
then Arshavin scored another goal, making it 2-2
and then, scored another one. which then made Arsenal lead 3-2
and Arshavin with a hat-trick.
and then Liverpool equalised with a goal by Torres. 3-3
and then Arshavin scored for Arsenal, again. 4-3
and then Benayoun scored another which made it 4-4

a 2nd consecutive Liverpool match that has drawn 4-4.
I mean, it's a game with a lot of goals.
but, it's not a good thing.
sigh. I am, SAD. no joke. -.-

I like Arshavin. I do.
but, damn I wish he didn't score so many.
well, the first goal was Macherano's fault.
and the 2nd goal was kinda Arbeloa's fault.
idiot #2 -.-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You're More Childish Than I Remember

my mom is childish,
my dad is childish,
my brother is childish
the whole damned family is childish.

is it no one that can think rationally and properly?

because you're making it pretty damn obvious.


Do You Deserve?

people always, ALWAYS, and I really mean ALWAYS get punished terribly for the bad things that they do.
or disappointing things.
or even the slightest of mistakes that happen.

but, they NEVER get rewarded for the good things that they do.
or the effort that they put in.
or even for the kindness they provide.
maybe people do get rewarded.
but not as much as people get punished.

maybe, a pat on the head.
or a "good job"
or a, "wow. great"
but, when it's a mistake, it's nagging and shouting and all sorts of bullshit.

I thought I'd have a happy day.
'cause I came home happy.
but now, I'm officially annoyed and pissed off.
you say, "learn to deal with disappointment better"
please, that is BEYOND hypocritical.
I'll give you disappointment, and we'll see if you can just shove it off and "deal with it better"
shaddup lah. stoop. -.-

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tick Tockk!

okay, so, I doubt I'll be going to Barcelona in May.
and what's stopping me?
Mid-year exams. -.-
yes, it's not that I am LETTING it stop me.
the force is just so STRONG that I can't help but let it stop me from going to Barcelona -.-

actually, I'm not sure yet, whether or not I'll be going to Barcelona,
but I'm dying to go. honestly.
who wouldn't be!

anyway, I had a great day at school today.
I laughed so much.
I swear, Mr. Sara is too hilarious.
and we watched the video of our impersonation.
and I laughed some more.
but after school, Kat got sick :/
REALLY sick.
get well, Kat! (;

I had my Physics test today.
at first, I was hoping to ace it.
but now, I just wish I could pass or something.
Mod. Math was today as well.
I guess it was okay.
but, "Watch Out!" is apparently, a statement -.-

tomorrow, Chemistry. :/
but I've done enough today.
I really need to revise on Bio.
my Bio is like, *insertlumpofcraphere*

ciao, (;

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Falling Slowly

ever felt like there's a lot of time;
but, at the same time, there isn't enough time.
I mean, I feel like I've got LOADS of time in life, of course,
but I only have 24 hrs today.

class tests are this week.
and I haven't studied.
and I'm supposed to have lunch later.
but I want to study.
but if I stay home,
I doubt that I'll study.
but if I go to lunch,
and come home it would most likely be around 4 something?
and then I'd do some stuff.
and then I have tuition.

so, I kinda decided I'll go for lunch.
instead of wasting time at home.
and, I'll study tonight or something??

I hate this sort of anxious situations.
and I have them so often -.-

and Mid-Year's in May, I think?
and I'm kinda hoping my dad's going to Barcelona so that my sister and I can go with.
and I might not have to take it? (;

anyway, Open Day was yesterday.
I was SO tired after that.
and then I still went to Curve?
I came home and wanted to die.
I couldn't feel my damned legs.

my class' impersonation skit got 2nd.
we were kinda hoping for first?
I was really sad. :/
but the Little Red Riding Hood got first.
I didn't exactly watch it cause I was like, outside the hall.
but, I had A LOT of fun with the whole skit thing.
the practices and all were A LOT of fun.
lots of laughs and everything (;

and yesterday was also my last time to cheer this year.
which, also I had a lot of fun with the team and everything (:
even though I didn't practice much for Open Day cause I was pretty busy with the impersonation skit.
sorry. :/

I have no pictures or anything. but, I'll get them, I think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Out (:



Oh, Macheda. How You Break My Heart

it's like, 5am now. :/
I have school later.
I'm just gonna do a quick blog cause I haven't blogged in ages.
my blog's kinda dead anyway.

class tests were going on last week.
and this week, we've all been asked to practice for our Open Day performances.
so, most of the class tests have been postponed to next week.
pretty.odd. ?

anyway, not like I have much to blog about,
so, I'll just update soon.
when something actually comes up.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


it's weird.
suddenly, all my regret is GONE.

but, I'm still sad Liverpool lost 3-1

Do You Live Life in Regret?

first off, Liverpool lost to Chelsea 3-1 at Anfield.
I slept at 4:30,
thinking, okay, I have 2 hrs to sleep before I wake up.
and there's Archuleta. which I wasn't so keen on watching since I was so sad.

so this morning, I woke up and thought to myself
"ah, screw it. I'm too sad to watch Archuleta"

so I decided not to go to school.
and now, as I sit here and type all this,
I am feeling 2 times more depressed because I REALLY regret not going.
I mean, I never was an Archuleta fan,
but, I think it would've been nice to go.
and I SERIOUSLY, regret.
as in, the I-wanna-turn-back-time-just-this-once kind of regret.
and I rarely feel this way.
this is SO sad.
I feel like dying.

I seriously suddenly feel SOO sad. sigh.
I should've gone!
I know I shouldn't live life in this kind of regret,
but, it's too sad.


for me.