Monday, April 20, 2009

Tick Tockk!

okay, so, I doubt I'll be going to Barcelona in May.
and what's stopping me?
Mid-year exams. -.-
yes, it's not that I am LETTING it stop me.
the force is just so STRONG that I can't help but let it stop me from going to Barcelona -.-

actually, I'm not sure yet, whether or not I'll be going to Barcelona,
but I'm dying to go. honestly.
who wouldn't be!

anyway, I had a great day at school today.
I laughed so much.
I swear, Mr. Sara is too hilarious.
and we watched the video of our impersonation.
and I laughed some more.
but after school, Kat got sick :/
REALLY sick.
get well, Kat! (;

I had my Physics test today.
at first, I was hoping to ace it.
but now, I just wish I could pass or something.
Mod. Math was today as well.
I guess it was okay.
but, "Watch Out!" is apparently, a statement -.-

tomorrow, Chemistry. :/
but I've done enough today.
I really need to revise on Bio.
my Bio is like, *insertlumpofcraphere*

ciao, (;

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