Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feel My Bones, On Your Bones

I had a 9-day break for CNY.
and school resumes tomorrow. ekk.
not only resumes, but to add-on,
class tests are on Tuesday through Thursday.

anyway, I just got back from Tzer Minn's house.
house is probably an understatement.
it's so huge, it's practically a TOWN.
fireworks, firecrackers, lion dances and everything.
it was SOO cool.
jakuned like CRAZY.
everything was seriously SOOO nice.
the place is HUGE.
I had fun just being amazed by everything.
came home and couldn't stop talking about it to the parents.
about the bikes he has, the cars. wooooow.

also, I've been getting pretty worked-up over this.
I'm extremely convinced that Brandon Flowers does NOT use auto-tune mics.
I mean, for album work, I heard they did for Hot Fuss.
but, I mean for live concerts.
I really think he doesn't use auto-tune during live concerts.
but, it sounds so unreal, I really can't be sure.
ishhh! it's making me annoyed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Bleed Just to Know You're Alive

it's been a whileee!
I think quite a few people will be coming tomorrow (:
and Class Test 1 is RIGHT after holidays.
gosh, I'm crazy scared.
nothing really on my mind noww.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being Left Far Behind

gosh, I've been SO exhausted.
came home from school some time ago.
had cheer practice from 8am to 3:40pm!
I feel SOOO tired and I can't feel my feet anymore.
of course, then the same thing happens again tomorrow.

I wanna catch some sleep before tution -.-
I'm overly exhausted. I'm not kidding!
I've also been watching Glee! pretty nice.
the voices sound kinda edited, but, it's a good show (:

I feel like renting some Korean shows and buying some movies/shows to watch.
but, my mom's all "why aren't you studying harder!" yada yadaaa
so, more effort I will put in!
I'll try.

I opened a new pack of 2-week contact lenses that day.
wore them once, moved house.
and they're gone.
jeez, what a waste -.-

every time I blog, I totally forget what to blog about!
ishhhh. I'm too tired!
nap I shall (: