Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Huge Mistake

Eening says, expect the unexpected.
but then, if you expect the unexpected,
the unexpected becomes the expected
and the expected becomes the unexpected.

anyway, got back quite a few results today.
pretty scary.
blagh. I wanna watch so much tv.
and do so many things. but I am just so damn lazy.

Liverpool, Arsenal. 3:40am later.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happiness is..

it is 5am. again.
and I am about to die.
I'll probably be waking up late tomorrow.
which, is not a good idea at all.
I have not studied Physics.
and I was hoping to do well.
I got hooked onto Private Practice.
and I cannot believe it just ended that way.
and, I need to rant.
so, here I am.

I cannot believe it ended with Addison and she's not with the oh-so charming guy!
married or not. he loves her. and I loove him. he's just, meltingly charming.
and, I checked, that was the last episode he appears in. which, SUCKS.
also, of course, VIOLET has a friggin' psychotic person who comes and wants to cut her because she claims Violet stole her baby. -.-
I'm dying here.

with, a Physics exam on Monday.
BUT, it is amazing to know that Monday, is the last day.
but then again, so far, my papers have been feeling crappy.
and I wanna do well!
so, I'm gonna go to sleep soon.
and wake up tomorrow and study.
knowing that I haven't even touched the experiments.
so, I'll just sleep.
in suspense.
that I might die from.
ohgosh, kill me -.-

Liverpool. tomorrow. :/

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whatever that is Green

I haven't been updating for a while.
didn't find any interest to. :/
but now that it's 5am.
and I have Biology exams tomorrow,
I've decided to update.

so far, I've taken BM, Sejarah, English, Chemistry, Add Math and Moral.
some were REALLY bad. but some were okay, I guess? hopefully.
anyway, hopefully I'll be able to do okay for Biology.
fingerscrossed. x

anyway, Kris Allen has a single which is a cover of the Script's song and I think a video is coming out.
Allison Iraheta has a single.
and Adam Lambert's Time for Miracles is out! (; and the title of his album will be For Your Entertainment. and Lady Gaga wrote a song for him! that could be interesting (;
loooove Adam Lambert.

Liverpool JUST played against Lyon.
and lost -.-
2-1 Steven Gerrard was subbed out after about 25 minutes.
Fernando Torres wasn't fit to play.
everything just went shit.
they also lost to Sunderland. -.-
to a red beach ball.
Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard didn't play then either.
sigh, things aren't going so well for Liverpool.
Benitez' fault? :/ 4 losses in a row.

okay, back to Biology (;

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Know That We Could Be So Amazing

blagh, finalsfinalsfinals.
I really wanna do well.
do my best.
but it's killing me.
Sejarah, as usual, is killing me.
I HATE IT. eesh.
how does ANYONE do it?
I might just die now.

anyway, Adam Lambert!
so far, no one has heard ANYTHING about his album that's to be released on the 24th of November.
literally, no title, no nothing.
buttt! the song he has for the 2012 movie is sorta out.
I can't find the full song, but if you watch the preview, you can hear a little bit of the song -.-

okay, I need to prepare for Sejarah, sooo badly. ish.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back to Good

do you have any idea how many people in the world smoke?
you'd be terribly amazed.
it's really, wow.

anyway, Year-end Exams are coming soon.
on the 12th of October. :/
I really can't wait for it to enddd! :D
I've been sorta studying?
Kok Eu borrowed his sister's iPhone.
and it has hell a lot of games in it, and I've been playing it like a nuts person.

anyway, Liverpool lost to Chelsea.
which is pretty much old news.
but, it still breaks my heart every time I think about it -.-

also, I'm kinda broke.
I wish I had more money.
I wanna buy things :D