Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Know That We Could Be So Amazing

blagh, finalsfinalsfinals.
I really wanna do well.
do my best.
but it's killing me.
Sejarah, as usual, is killing me.
I HATE IT. eesh.
how does ANYONE do it?
I might just die now.

anyway, Adam Lambert!
so far, no one has heard ANYTHING about his album that's to be released on the 24th of November.
literally, no title, no nothing.
buttt! the song he has for the 2012 movie is sorta out.
I can't find the full song, but if you watch the preview, you can hear a little bit of the song -.-

okay, I need to prepare for Sejarah, sooo badly. ish.

1 comment:

Iman Hale. said...

dude. sejarah is nuts easy compared to w.hist. presentations and debates (which i suck at) are counted as grades, exams we have to memorise DATEEES (!!), HISTORIANS QUOTES AAAND FACTS OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus we have a test every other week which is also counted in grades. TORTURE.