Saturday, January 31, 2009

If You Could Get Out.

I have officially gone crazy.
oh jeez, how I need the help.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wil It Do Justice?

oh, Liverpoooooool.
my my, the disappointment.
day after day I'm like, "I feel it, this is THE year."
"this is the season Liverpool win the premier league."
and draw after draw, I tell myself there's still hope.
I finally admitted to myself, "I doubt they'll win the title this season"

thanks a lot.

"you talk a lot of shit lah!" 
-Iman Athira

the ones in green are "subjected to change"

I invited a few people to "gather" in my house today.
for some snacks.
and to do things that are not encouraged that I shall not state in this blog.
*hint: a frequent Chinese New Year activity (;
Elyas, Iman, Dickson, Kim, Sherren and Rebecca came over.
it was pretty fun.
though I lost like A LOT of money.
("I forgot where I left it??")

they came around, 4:30pm and lefty at about 9:45pm.
and 3 of my oranges were mashed up and soggy. :s

"I is sick. I am suffer!"
"Why the hell is me?"
-highly anonymous

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a Little Late But...

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Ox 09'

My Chinese New Years have always been a little dull.
everything pretty much starts and stops on the first day. :/
but, I've still always liked Chinese New Year!
the family and all! (:

I haven't exactly been blogging much :/

but, I need a moment to explain my disappointment.

if ever, ANYONE associated with Liverpool gets the chance to read this,
I have to say, you have no idea how disappointing it all is.
I mean, I know you try your best and all.
I watch all the matches and sometimes feel like stabbing the screen.
it is EXTREMELY frustrating.
and, the disappointment is just like,
I am DYING for Liverpool to win this season ):
and, it's been pretty doubtful.
come on!

okay, ANYWAY, as I put the disappointment ASIDE,
I've got like TONS of homework.
and class tests are soon.
I guess I'll be doing homework later.

today, I woke up at around 12? :/
had Pizza Hut for lunch :s
watched Friends and American Idol then when for a steamboat dinner.
nothing much at all.

yesterday, relatives came over for lunch.
gambled a bit (;
at around, 6 something? everyone went home.
and my aunt brought me to Bangsar Village with Jessica, Brandon, Jade and my sister.
we bought a few stuff.
I bought The Official Liverpool 2009 Calendar!

the day before yesterday (Monday), I had that vegetarian breakfast at my grandparents' (dad's parents) house. then I went to Jade's house. all the relatives were there. gambled a bit. then Jessica, Brandon and Jade stayed over. (:

the day before the day before yesterday (Sunday), we had a reunion dinner at my grandparents' (dad's parents) house. then we had people over for dinner as well. and we gambled. (: oh, and Jade's house had an incident. scary.

that's about it.
I think I'm having a few people over. and I have like, nothing on Friday :/
and then I'm going to my grandparents' (mom's parents) house on Saturday!

apologies for this EXTREMELY boring post. -.-

Friday, January 23, 2009


wow. it's been pretty long since I've blogged. 

anyway, school just ended their 3rd week.
and, we have holidays for a week in conjunction with Chinese New Year!

school has been pretty fun.
new classmates and all!
it's been pretty busy, though.
and homework's been a pile load!

so, I'll just upload some recent pictures?
since my blog has been so dead. and like, pictureless.

HTG: Amiman (Amoeba sp.), Paratesha (Paramecium sp.), Elyeast (Yeast sp.)
at Ji-Han's place.

Manchester United are leading

Liverpool drew with Everton

Fernando Torres was /is /will always be extremely sexy

Cristiano Ronaldo won FIFA World Player of the Year.

Cristiano Ronaldo has VERY bad sense of fashion.
and Fernando Torres is so dyingly cute.

that was fun.
and I can't blog. blegh.
there's really nothing to blog about.
sorrehh. (:

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Good and the Bad Kind

I seriously haven't blogged in a long time.
or even come online!
it's so tough to find the time,
except late night.
but the internet gets so retarded at night!

anyway, nothing much has really happened so far.
well, nothing that can quite enter my mind.
although, I'm kinda aching everywhere!
my neck, my shoulders, my ankle, my legs, my back.
goodness, it's killing me.

don't think Liverpool has been doing so well, though.
and Cristiano Ronaldo won FIFA World of the Year award.
he's practically winning everything! O_O
I hate the guy.
so arrogant and all.

god, I've been feeling a lot lately.
don't know what's wrong.
I'm never feeling just normal.
it's either, VERY angry or VERY happy or VERY sad or VERY annoyed.
it's really difficult sometimes. -.-

bla bla blaaa.
doesn't matter.
I'll just stop blogging. it's too tiring. (:

and there've been so many posts of mine that're just words.
this blog is SO boring.

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Perfect Nature!

I had school today.
it was pretty okay.

it started with Physics.
by Mr. Gopal.
we learnt prefixes.

and then we had Sejarah.
which was pretty fun.
Mr. Sara is amazing.
he has all this energy that makes the whole class feel more lively.
I just hope the energy actually LASTS through out the year.

after Break, we went to the Chemistry lab for our PEKA
Iman was mah partner (:
we had some trouble cause our Bunsen burner was being retarded and all.

after that, we had Moral!
it was okay.
only learnt Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan today.

then, we had Add Math.
Mr. Hew is like, SO FAST.
and it is pretty tough.

and then, after school we had cheer tryouts.
which I really screwed up. :/
I forgot the friggin' steps!
hopefully I get in.
but, :/

after that, I went to Curve for lunch with my sister and mom.
met up with my mom's friend and her daughter and son at TGI.
had some laughs.
and the bartender at TGI was "practising" his bartending.
he juggled bottles and cups and did AMAZING tricks.
I swear!
it was a good lunch.
laughs here and there.

then, we walked around for a bit of shopping and all.

and, I gave my head a haircut! well, technically the hairdresser did. (:

this is an extremely boring post.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Then, Different It Is!

haven't exactly blogged in a while.
I'm pretty exhausted.
I didn't sleep TOO late yesterday.
at about 2.30am?
so, I'm pretty beat now.

I'm doing my rumusan even though it's not due tomorrow.
but, it's the only homework I have and I don't want them to pile up :/

and I still have some books to wrap.
the ICT books are SOO huge.
and we each have TWO!
1 theory, 1 coursework.

I know this post is pretty boring.
but I really have nothing to talk about.
school's been okay.
teachers' are okay.
well, SOME of them are.

class is okay I guess.
the class is pretty much separated into 2.
cause we're not all that close.

wow, this is a REALLY boring post.
sorry :/
I'll try blogging more often.
but, life's pretty boring.

oh! and Happy Birthday Elvis Presley!

HUGE apologies for the boring post.
nothing much is really happening in my life now.
as usual? :/

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Better Off

school's starting tomorrow.
I'm kinda worried :/
and I don't have a single book!

anyway, I was at Joshua's birthday party yesterday.
I don't really have pictures.
and I'm not so much in the mood to blog.
sooo, I'd say it was okay. (:
had a laugh or two.

I'll update sooon. (:
good luck, schoolers!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


soo, it's the start of a new year!
I spent my new year's eve in The Curve.
it was PACKED.
VERY, packed.
and of course, it was very jammed on the roads too.

(apologies, no pictures. :/)

for some reason OU didn't look so hot.
I'd say probably a whole quarter of Peninsula Malaysia was at the Curve.

so, I ate with Elyas, Dickson, Jamie and Shafiq at Absolute Thai, Ikano Power Centre.
Ee Lin and Jasmine joined later on.
after dinner, met up with Lam.
and then yada yada, walked around.

and then a whole bunch of us went to the rooftop of Cineleisure to watch the fireworks.
they were beautiful, seriously.
they kinda started it a little early, and there wasn't even a countdown.
but, it was nice (:

and then a bunch of us went to Dome for some drinks to wait for my parents.
and my parents were parked and McD's cause it was too packed to pick me up.
so, the bunch walked me there (:
which, I really HAVE to thank them!

anyway, I guess it was pretty fun.
had some laughs here and there!

can't really believe it's a new year, though!
school's starting soon, and there's orientation in 8hrs!
kinda worried, I guess.

and now, the boring part,
I'm gonna list down things I've enjoyed and gonna miss in 2008.
and of course, my 09' resolutions.



- I'm gonna miss writing 2008 on the dates of my homework.
- I enjoyed stealing food from my amazing friends cause I'm always broke
- I gonna miss HTF if Iman leaves and Elyas leaves or we all go to different classes
- I enjoyed having HTF! (:
- I'm gonna miss a few teachers
- I'm gonna miss ALLL my classmates!
- I enjoyed hanging out with all my classmates. they are AMAZING (:
- I'm gonna miss form 1-3 homework?
- I, of course, enjoyed the company of my friends and their entertainment and silliness!

andd, it's 3am. so, I'm not gonna continue (:
soo, everyone has their resolutions (:

my new year resolution is to...
have new year resolutions?

yeah! so, I'll have resolutions next year!

I'm not so much of a resolutions person.
sooo, deal with it (:

anywayyy, there's a match tomorrow.
and Skrtel too, I think!
as good as a defender he is,
he's too cute to leave.
he cannot leave.
I hope some Liverpool associated person reads this.

awwwww. don't go!