Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Perfect Nature!

I had school today.
it was pretty okay.

it started with Physics.
by Mr. Gopal.
we learnt prefixes.

and then we had Sejarah.
which was pretty fun.
Mr. Sara is amazing.
he has all this energy that makes the whole class feel more lively.
I just hope the energy actually LASTS through out the year.

after Break, we went to the Chemistry lab for our PEKA
Iman was mah partner (:
we had some trouble cause our Bunsen burner was being retarded and all.

after that, we had Moral!
it was okay.
only learnt Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan today.

then, we had Add Math.
Mr. Hew is like, SO FAST.
and it is pretty tough.

and then, after school we had cheer tryouts.
which I really screwed up. :/
I forgot the friggin' steps!
hopefully I get in.
but, :/

after that, I went to Curve for lunch with my sister and mom.
met up with my mom's friend and her daughter and son at TGI.
had some laughs.
and the bartender at TGI was "practising" his bartending.
he juggled bottles and cups and did AMAZING tricks.
I swear!
it was a good lunch.
laughs here and there.

then, we walked around for a bit of shopping and all.

and, I gave my head a haircut! well, technically the hairdresser did. (:

this is an extremely boring post.

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