Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wil It Do Justice?

oh, Liverpoooooool.
my my, the disappointment.
day after day I'm like, "I feel it, this is THE year."
"this is the season Liverpool win the premier league."
and draw after draw, I tell myself there's still hope.
I finally admitted to myself, "I doubt they'll win the title this season"

thanks a lot.

"you talk a lot of shit lah!" 
-Iman Athira

the ones in green are "subjected to change"

I invited a few people to "gather" in my house today.
for some snacks.
and to do things that are not encouraged that I shall not state in this blog.
*hint: a frequent Chinese New Year activity (;
Elyas, Iman, Dickson, Kim, Sherren and Rebecca came over.
it was pretty fun.
though I lost like A LOT of money.
("I forgot where I left it??")

they came around, 4:30pm and lefty at about 9:45pm.
and 3 of my oranges were mashed up and soggy. :s

"I is sick. I am suffer!"
"Why the hell is me?"
-highly anonymous

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