Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a Little Late But...

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Ox 09'

My Chinese New Years have always been a little dull.
everything pretty much starts and stops on the first day. :/
but, I've still always liked Chinese New Year!
the family and all! (:

I haven't exactly been blogging much :/

but, I need a moment to explain my disappointment.

if ever, ANYONE associated with Liverpool gets the chance to read this,
I have to say, you have no idea how disappointing it all is.
I mean, I know you try your best and all.
I watch all the matches and sometimes feel like stabbing the screen.
it is EXTREMELY frustrating.
and, the disappointment is just like,
I am DYING for Liverpool to win this season ):
and, it's been pretty doubtful.
come on!

okay, ANYWAY, as I put the disappointment ASIDE,
I've got like TONS of homework.
and class tests are soon.
I guess I'll be doing homework later.

today, I woke up at around 12? :/
had Pizza Hut for lunch :s
watched Friends and American Idol then when for a steamboat dinner.
nothing much at all.

yesterday, relatives came over for lunch.
gambled a bit (;
at around, 6 something? everyone went home.
and my aunt brought me to Bangsar Village with Jessica, Brandon, Jade and my sister.
we bought a few stuff.
I bought The Official Liverpool 2009 Calendar!

the day before yesterday (Monday), I had that vegetarian breakfast at my grandparents' (dad's parents) house. then I went to Jade's house. all the relatives were there. gambled a bit. then Jessica, Brandon and Jade stayed over. (:

the day before the day before yesterday (Sunday), we had a reunion dinner at my grandparents' (dad's parents) house. then we had people over for dinner as well. and we gambled. (: oh, and Jade's house had an incident. scary.

that's about it.
I think I'm having a few people over. and I have like, nothing on Friday :/
and then I'm going to my grandparents' (mom's parents) house on Saturday!

apologies for this EXTREMELY boring post. -.-

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