Friday, January 23, 2009


wow. it's been pretty long since I've blogged. 

anyway, school just ended their 3rd week.
and, we have holidays for a week in conjunction with Chinese New Year!

school has been pretty fun.
new classmates and all!
it's been pretty busy, though.
and homework's been a pile load!

so, I'll just upload some recent pictures?
since my blog has been so dead. and like, pictureless.

HTG: Amiman (Amoeba sp.), Paratesha (Paramecium sp.), Elyeast (Yeast sp.)
at Ji-Han's place.

Manchester United are leading

Liverpool drew with Everton

Fernando Torres was /is /will always be extremely sexy

Cristiano Ronaldo won FIFA World Player of the Year.

Cristiano Ronaldo has VERY bad sense of fashion.
and Fernando Torres is so dyingly cute.

that was fun.
and I can't blog. blegh.
there's really nothing to blog about.
sorrehh. (:

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