Thursday, January 8, 2009

Then, Different It Is!

haven't exactly blogged in a while.
I'm pretty exhausted.
I didn't sleep TOO late yesterday.
at about 2.30am?
so, I'm pretty beat now.

I'm doing my rumusan even though it's not due tomorrow.
but, it's the only homework I have and I don't want them to pile up :/

and I still have some books to wrap.
the ICT books are SOO huge.
and we each have TWO!
1 theory, 1 coursework.

I know this post is pretty boring.
but I really have nothing to talk about.
school's been okay.
teachers' are okay.
well, SOME of them are.

class is okay I guess.
the class is pretty much separated into 2.
cause we're not all that close.

wow, this is a REALLY boring post.
sorry :/
I'll try blogging more often.
but, life's pretty boring.

oh! and Happy Birthday Elvis Presley!

HUGE apologies for the boring post.
nothing much is really happening in my life now.
as usual? :/

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