Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had soooo much to blog about yesterday.
so much to say,
so much to rant about.
but my internet was soooooo retarded.
and now, it's FINALLY okay.
and I don't really have much to say. lol

I've moved, and it's a real cosy place,
but, when I start to think about it,
doesn't feel very happy :/

scares the bejeeeeepers outta meee.

sighhhhhhh, my mind feels like I've got loads to worry about.
and I feel so anxious all the time.
but I have no idea what about!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Lot You Don't Know

well, I guess, party went smoothly :D
and I had school, wasn't feeling very well, though.
but, I came back and got some rest, so, I guess I feel pretty okay.

been pretty emo. -.-
time of the month I guess?
ish, it's already 1:40am?
and there's school tomorrow, and extra class for Sejarah.
oh, how I HATE Sejarah!

I think I've got a lot to blog about, I just don't know.

anyway, I'm moving, REAL soon. lol
like, on Wednesday.
ish. not so keen.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh My, Insecurities

like, sometimes, left out?
well, I've always had that feeling
since I was like, 5?
I hate myself.
for being suspicious, obsessive and everything else.
you don't know, more than you think.

I haven't been blogging,
it's been a tiring past couple of days,
and the weekends just past by like, swooosh!
sighhh. I'm in a sad mood.

house cooling tomorrow.
fingers crossed, nothing happens.
I need to change.

okay, never mind that.
there're a few things I wanna do in life,
might be a little late for it now, but, maybe some time.

I wanna..

do something musical
be able to cook and bake
be artistic
change (the world, and everything else. including myself)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mrs. Brightside

helloo, I just got back from cheer
and had dinner.
yada yada,
I have tuition in about, less than an hour?

I'm extremely exhausted,
there's a karangan due tomorrow,
and A LOT due tomorrow.
I need a breeeeak.

I haven't been doing much when I'm home.
I just laze around.
and my mom's getting so mad.
saying I'm not putting in any effort.
but, come on, I am soooo exhausted.
from hours in school and hours in cheer!

anywhoo, I think, I've finalised that I'm going to take art.
first, I was sure, went to ask the teacher, and I was very sure.
then people started throwing opinions at me,
and I had 2nd thoughts.
but now, I think, I'm pretty sure.
though, my art pretty much sucks,
but I would like to learn,
fingers crossed,
hopefully I can do ittt!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello Goodbye

ishh, it felt like the weekend had just begun,
before I know it, it's Monday tomorrow.
I wanna watch tv, but I think I should sleep.
and, I think it's best that I sleep,
and I should probably discipline myself a lot more.

wish there were more time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Carry Out!

I took the longest nap, AGAIN.
and this time, longer than yesterday! lol.

I don't think I've got a lot of homework this weekend.
although, my tuition teacher gave me some work to do :/
I don't think he likes me so much. loll.

anyway, I'm moving soon. very soon!
noooooo. I'm not very keen on moving,
but the rest of the family are pretty enthusiastic.
and the entrance exams are still worrying mee!
I'm not sure when it is, or what it's going to be aboutt! aghh.

alsoooo, the Killers are gonna be on hiatus after they tour.
I have yet to watch them live ):
gah, I looooove them. (died)

If You Can't Hold On

I had a GREAT nap.
my first of the YEAR
finally, it's Friday today!
technically, yesterday.
it was awesomeee!

I have cheer "later" technically.
from 8 to 12!
I think it's been going well,
but I'm getting more and more tired each day.
but probably not tomorrow! :D

anywhoo! I'm still pretty freaked out over my entrance exams.
I wanna get in, but :s

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wait for Something Better

mygod! I'm TIRED.
was watching American Idol,
nothing special.
at all!
it's like, 12:30am now and I'm already DYING on my end.

anyway, I need to do some class deco stuff, so I'll be up for a few more hours.
but my eyes are like, practically shutting my itself.
I am SOO exhausted!
I can't wait to just sleeeeeep tomorrow.
I need to catch up on some homework and revision!

and I forgot to talk about,
between Liverpool and Reading. at HOME?
you IDIOTS! come on! WHYY?
no more FA Cup, noooo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your History of Blisters

another tiring day.
tomorrow will be a shorter one,
can't wait :D
staying back until 3:30pm only.

American Idol repeat soon!

apparently, Concord College is full, but Plymouth and Ellesmere are sending in their entrance exams in about 2 to 3 weeks time. :/
gosh, how BADLY I wanna do well!
fingers EXTREMELY crossed.
gahh, worries meee.

also, taking art worries me too :s
gahh, hope it all goes fine.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I See Sam's Town

I've got loadddds to do.
but I'm watching American Idol.
and I have tuition tomorrow.

also, something that's bugging me,
I'm taking art for SPM.
and I'm reeeeallly scaredd
I reeeally, BADLY wanna take it.
but, I just, really suck at art!
ughh, what am I gonna doooo?
ishhh, so unfair to those that were born with at least something -.-

anyway, cheerleading has been pretty fun!
but crazily tiring.
and the hours are nuts.
along with all the homework
and the projects.
I'm soooo exhausted.

help, I'm feeling like crappp.

Still Need Some Company

mygosh, I'm tired!
today was a pretty hectic day.
and so will Thursday be a hectic day.

I stayed back until 6pm,
reached home only at about, 7:15.
had tuition at 8-10pm.
and I had homework.
which, I only did BM.
my Chemistry file isn't even fully together yet.

anyway, Elyas brought his BEAUTIFUL 1oo pound Limited Edition Liverpool, Fernando Torres jersey to school today.
and he let me wear it for cheer :D
and I had to bring the box home.
terribly heavy, but it's such a beautiful box.
that's pretty much the IT of the day. (:

tomorrow, NO SEJARAH!
I know Mr. Sara's classes are a lot of fun
but, I just hate the subject so much,
I can't do itt!
and of course, cheer until 6pm again tomorrow.

I NEED a break.

also, was talking to my mom about the whole future thing this evening.
and, no break for me.
if I'm planning to go to UK, she wants me to take IB
but only IF they have a January intake.
if they don't, she'll want me to take A Levels there.
which, also has to be in January.
if I don't wanna take A Levels,
I'll have to take IB, but ALSO during the January intake -.-
it sorta really bugged me.
I mean, LITERALLY, I just have NO break at ALL.
but then, thinking about it, I guess, it's best?
I mean, I can't wait ALL the way until September.
but it's reeeeally pissing me off.
although, maybe I'm just thinking about it too soon.

alsooooo, Liverpool have an FA Cup match against Reading again.
somewhere this week. fingerscrossed!

Monday, January 11, 2010


gosh, I'm TIRED!
I slept prettty early last night.
but, gone through hours of school, and cheer!
ohmygawdd, sooo tired.
and then there's cheer tomorrow as well.
I looove my Green House! (;

anyway, got some work to catch up on.
and I terribly wanna sleep.
and then, school again tomorrow!
I guess so far, nothing new.
I think?
I think I'll be going out on Friday.
we'll see.
I need some going out time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've Been Killing Just for Fun

my internet died for a few days.
'cause I was getting a new one. Wimax
I would assume it'd be damnnn good or something.
but, it's not that great.
just as slow as Streamyx. -.-

anyway, I joined cheer.
gonna have some crazy practices I'd assume.
since Sports Day is in less than a month.
I've got mount load of homework.
I finally got Titanic.
I need to buy books.
things have been a little hectic.
I wanted to blog about something,
but I forgot.
so, never mind (;

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help Me Get Down

gahhh, back from school.
2nd day.
and there's quite a lot to be done. -.-
and I'm crazy tired.
I was told naps aren't good. so, I'm trying not to fall asleep!
and I have tuition later.
hopefully, I don't fall asleep during!

we had a Green House meeting today.
guess I'll be joining cheer :D
why not?

also, no the Killers in Singapore for me.
neither will there be a Paramore for me.
mom's not allowing concerts outside the country -.-
and I'm reasoning with her.
and I guess I'm fine with it. :/
can't have it all, I guess?

anyway, highlight of today in school?
the fact that my CLASS PAGE IS MISSING?
ohmygod. I'm so pissed off!
I put in so much time, money and effort into the friggin' class page.
all the ink, the photo paper, the late nights.
and what do I get?
nobody even informed me that they were going to change it.
srsly, does Mr.Zac not understand how heart-broken I feel?
now it's just a plain humongous picture with an orange background -.-
if they wanted a soft copy, they could've just said so.
or they could've TOLD me before they made me work so hard to make it right.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tell No One

weird! I just noticed that my New Year's post was exactly the 300th post.
anyway, today was the first day of school.
and it already feels like SPM is JUST around the corner.
there's been so much on my mind!
I'm moving this month. and I don't know which books to pack or not to pack.
and there's SPM.
and I wanna work hard.
but yet I feel so ekkkkk.

okay, first things first,
The Killers.
I wanna go.
like, EXTREMELY badly.
it's on a Sunday.
24th of January.
problem is, that it's on a Sunday.
I have school the next day.
and there's transportation issues.
money issues
sigh. I'm sad. srsly.
ohgosh, what'm I gonna do.
I get the feeling this'll be the usual planning.
but, it'll be a failure. and I'll end up not going.
ohmahgawd, but I rrrrreeeaaaallllyyy wannna gooooo!
but because I stay in Malaysia, It's hard to get the tickets.
and I won't know where I'll be standing if I get the tickets.
'cause I LOOOVE the mosh pit!
but they only give the pricing online and they don't tell me where it is!
and yada yada.
so basically,


also, there's Paramore in March.
I think Iman's going. hopefully I have the money to tag along.
ohgosh, how badly I want this.
but, maybe I'm asking for too much?

maybe I don't necessarily HAVE to go?
gosh, I hate it when I feel like this.
I wanna jab myself.
I need someone to talk to.
someone that can just sit there and listen to me talk crap.
I'll just wait for my mom to get back.

today went well.
nothing much.
but, it was a pretty good first day.
well, for me, mentally, not so much.
but, I probably think too much to begin with.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

All New!

it's a New Yearr!
school's starting soon
as in, VERY soon

I'm watching Coffee Prince.
almost done with it.
my god, it is one CRAZY show.
no kidding.
it's sorta disturbing, but sweet.
but, WTH? ohgosh, freeeak showww.
but I think I like it. but sorta find it a little weird.

never mind that.
I think I need to wrap my books.
I'm not sure if my pencil box is properly filled.
and I'm scaredddddd for school.

anyway, Happy New Yearrr!


AHHH! it really looks like many wanna buy Fernando Torres
he belongs in Liverpoooool! ):
might be the better for him.
but! we neeeeed himm.