Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still Need Some Company

mygosh, I'm tired!
today was a pretty hectic day.
and so will Thursday be a hectic day.

I stayed back until 6pm,
reached home only at about, 7:15.
had tuition at 8-10pm.
and I had homework.
which, I only did BM.
my Chemistry file isn't even fully together yet.

anyway, Elyas brought his BEAUTIFUL 1oo pound Limited Edition Liverpool, Fernando Torres jersey to school today.
and he let me wear it for cheer :D
and I had to bring the box home.
terribly heavy, but it's such a beautiful box.
that's pretty much the IT of the day. (:

tomorrow, NO SEJARAH!
I know Mr. Sara's classes are a lot of fun
but, I just hate the subject so much,
I can't do itt!
and of course, cheer until 6pm again tomorrow.

I NEED a break.

also, was talking to my mom about the whole future thing this evening.
and, no break for me.
if I'm planning to go to UK, she wants me to take IB
but only IF they have a January intake.
if they don't, she'll want me to take A Levels there.
which, also has to be in January.
if I don't wanna take A Levels,
I'll have to take IB, but ALSO during the January intake -.-
it sorta really bugged me.
I mean, LITERALLY, I just have NO break at ALL.
but then, thinking about it, I guess, it's best?
I mean, I can't wait ALL the way until September.
but it's reeeeally pissing me off.
although, maybe I'm just thinking about it too soon.

alsooooo, Liverpool have an FA Cup match against Reading again.
somewhere this week. fingerscrossed!

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