Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help Me Get Down

gahhh, back from school.
2nd day.
and there's quite a lot to be done. -.-
and I'm crazy tired.
I was told naps aren't good. so, I'm trying not to fall asleep!
and I have tuition later.
hopefully, I don't fall asleep during!

we had a Green House meeting today.
guess I'll be joining cheer :D
why not?

also, no the Killers in Singapore for me.
neither will there be a Paramore for me.
mom's not allowing concerts outside the country -.-
and I'm reasoning with her.
and I guess I'm fine with it. :/
can't have it all, I guess?

anyway, highlight of today in school?
the fact that my CLASS PAGE IS MISSING?
ohmygod. I'm so pissed off!
I put in so much time, money and effort into the friggin' class page.
all the ink, the photo paper, the late nights.
and what do I get?
nobody even informed me that they were going to change it.
srsly, does Mr.Zac not understand how heart-broken I feel?
now it's just a plain humongous picture with an orange background -.-
if they wanted a soft copy, they could've just said so.
or they could've TOLD me before they made me work so hard to make it right.

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