Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh My, Insecurities

like, sometimes, left out?
well, I've always had that feeling
since I was like, 5?
I hate myself.
for being suspicious, obsessive and everything else.
you don't know, more than you think.

I haven't been blogging,
it's been a tiring past couple of days,
and the weekends just past by like, swooosh!
sighhh. I'm in a sad mood.

house cooling tomorrow.
fingers crossed, nothing happens.
I need to change.

okay, never mind that.
there're a few things I wanna do in life,
might be a little late for it now, but, maybe some time.

I wanna..

do something musical
be able to cook and bake
be artistic
change (the world, and everything else. including myself)