Monday, January 4, 2010

Tell No One

weird! I just noticed that my New Year's post was exactly the 300th post.
anyway, today was the first day of school.
and it already feels like SPM is JUST around the corner.
there's been so much on my mind!
I'm moving this month. and I don't know which books to pack or not to pack.
and there's SPM.
and I wanna work hard.
but yet I feel so ekkkkk.

okay, first things first,
The Killers.
I wanna go.
like, EXTREMELY badly.
it's on a Sunday.
24th of January.
problem is, that it's on a Sunday.
I have school the next day.
and there's transportation issues.
money issues
sigh. I'm sad. srsly.
ohgosh, what'm I gonna do.
I get the feeling this'll be the usual planning.
but, it'll be a failure. and I'll end up not going.
ohmahgawd, but I rrrrreeeaaaallllyyy wannna gooooo!
but because I stay in Malaysia, It's hard to get the tickets.
and I won't know where I'll be standing if I get the tickets.
'cause I LOOOVE the mosh pit!
but they only give the pricing online and they don't tell me where it is!
and yada yada.
so basically,


also, there's Paramore in March.
I think Iman's going. hopefully I have the money to tag along.
ohgosh, how badly I want this.
but, maybe I'm asking for too much?

maybe I don't necessarily HAVE to go?
gosh, I hate it when I feel like this.
I wanna jab myself.
I need someone to talk to.
someone that can just sit there and listen to me talk crap.
I'll just wait for my mom to get back.

today went well.
nothing much.
but, it was a pretty good first day.
well, for me, mentally, not so much.
but, I probably think too much to begin with.

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