Friday, July 31, 2009

King of Hearts

today was an extremely, extremely unproductive day.
I went to school.
by the way, with Eening, Kat and Elyas gone to Taman Negara.
but it was okay cause I talked with the rest of the class
which I found pretty fun.
it's Jerrick's birthday today (:

anyway, I came home and took like, a 4 hour nap.
woke up.
and now I'm watching 17 Again.
I never liked Zac Efron,
but he looks damn good in the movie
reallly (;
and he can act pretty well actually.

gosh, today has been like,
and I didn't exactly get anything done -.-
I feel bad :/

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Even After A While, It Still Hurts the Same

everyone is going to Taman Negara tomorrow.
except me.
sigh. I'm gonna loner like hellllll.
my dad actually allows me to skip school.
but, I think I'll go.
Chem experiment to do.

I'm feeling so ugh nowwwwww.

If the Sun Don't Shine

helloooo, humans.
I am EXTREMELY exhausted.
words can't describe.
and my feet hurt.
I came back from Kuala Selangor.
I had so much fun!
it was really fun
although tiring.

anyway, I'm way too tired to talk about it.
I'mma sleep. no joke.
school tomorrow.
then everybody goes to Taman Negara on Friday -.-

I think I was going to blog for a reason.
I think there was something in particular that was on my mind
but, too bad.
I'll see if I remember

bye (;
cheer up, Iman.
you know we all love you dearly.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep, Deep Down, I'm Happy

it's really late now.
I'm staying up to study some Biology.
I think it's going pretty well.
I'm starting to adapt to it.
which is really good.
I'm just taking a little break cause I'm like, about to fall asleep.

so, it seems like Adam Lambert has been doing well (;
Kris Allen as well.
which are my 2 favourites.
but Adam Lambert's definitely a plus.
he's too talented to describe, no kidding.
all the articles are talking about how well Adam's doing for the tour.
I guess Kris Allen as well?
would love to see them live. (:
Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud as well.

anyway, tomorrow, I'm going to really start watching a lot of shows!
tests'll be over.
Fireflies at Kuala Selangor on Wednesday? (;

blaghh. I think I'm just stalling.
need to continue studying noww.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Torresic Cavity (;

I noticed something today. (:
I was having Bio extra classes.
and Ms.Yee said, "thoracic cavity"
and I thought she was going to say Torres
so I started laughing.
she was just going to say thoracic cavity.
I had a good day in school today, I guess.
despite the constant "so, Tesha, did you go to Singapore?"
which hurt me. like a stab in my heart.
and a lot of them were doing it. so, it was sad.
but other than that, I had a pretty good day.
laughed a lot.
my classmates are hilarious.

I actually watched the match last night. obviously.
but it was a delayed one.
gah, when Torres took off his shirt.
and Agger.
and Xabi Alonso.
gosh, makes it even worse that I wasn't there.
no joke.
and apparently, they were really amazing to the Singaporean fans.

I got back a few results today.
just 2. Sejarah and Modern Mathematics.
I got 97 for Mod. Mathematics.
and I got 45% for Sejarah.
I know people would be like, "WHAT? that sucks!"
but to me, I'm damn happy (:
it's over 40 -- 20 for structural and 20 for essay.
and I got NOTHING for structural but 18 for essay
which made me pretty happy.

was hoping to get back more results.
but, I guess tomorrow?

last test tomorrow.
my worst Science.

Why Don't You and I

I wasn't there.
do you feel how crushed I am
how badly I wanted to be there.
to see the whole Liverpool team?
dream come true :/

Andriy Voronin
Albert Riera (Assist: J. Mascharano)
Krisztian Nemeth (Assist: D. Kuyt)
Fernando Torres (Assist: D. Kuyt)
Krisztian Nemeth (Assist: D. Kuyt)

wow, Dirk Kuyt's on fire (:
wish I were there.
how badly do I.

shiiit, beauty by Riera.
I didn't exactly catch Voronin's
I'm still watching it (;

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing But A Heartache

I'm still heartbroken over my Sims 3. no joke.
it's slow.
the disc sucks. -.-
my aunt offered to help me sell it on eBay.

and Liverpool
gosh. that's the worst.

Liverpool Day 1 in Singapore: After months of waiting, we are honoured to have Liverpool in Singapore. The Reds arrived in Singapore on Thursday afternoon and headed off to their designated hotel...Rafa Benitez was at the press conference with Ian Ayre, Fernando Torres and Yossi Benayoun. The LFC team had a private training session thereafter before calling it a day

Liverpool Day 2 in Singapore: The Reds had a private training session the morning and fans were treated to photos/autographs sessions by a few Liverpool players at various locations in Singapore. There was a public training session for the Reds at the National Stadium in the evening. Fans who had obtained training passes to gain entry not only get to see Liverpool in training but also were entertained by our very own Dr Fun. It was an eye-opener for the fans as many grabbed the opportunity to take a photo with him.

sigh. stupid.
I wanna be there so badlyyy.
bloody hell.

damn. I'm in a shit mood.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

How It Hurts

it's that time again.
where there's shouting everywhere.
throwing things.
it's late.
but it's not like it matters to them.
and I never know what's going on.
everything happening, and I don't know what's causing it.
then everything's fine. like it never happened.
but even the slightest noise, the slightest thud makes us paranoid.
makes us worry.
makes our hearts skip a beat just to stop thinking to make sure everything's fine.
even when it's totally quiet, we hear a soft shout out of paranoia.

it's that time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Its About DiCaprio!

he's going to be acting in a new movie.
Shutter Island.
no idea what it's about, but, he's Leonardo DiCaprio (;
and Mark Ruffalo'll be in it too.
the guy from 13 Going on 30?
blagh, love Leonardo DiCaprioooo.

anyway, Class Test 3 is almost over. just the weekend studying to get through.
then Chemistry on Monday and Biology on Tuesday (:
tomorrow I'll be going to Klang for some pre-Kinabalu climbing exercises.
and on Wednesday, I'll be going to Kuala Selangor to see fireflies.
then on Friday, the bunch of them are going to Taman Negara, which I won't be.
and then following Friday, we'll be going for Kaki Blue. wooop!
pretty happening I guess :/

Looks Can Be Deceiving. No?

well, yes. Steven Gerrard does look like a lovely person.
like he wouldn't hurt anyone or anything.
as much as I do love him,
he admits, he punched the guy.
I don't know what to think.
he said it was self-defence cause he thought the DJ was coming at him.
but it all could be just a bunch of bull.
or maybe not.
I don't know.
but, I guess it's pretty disappointing.hope he's innocent.

also, I think I pity Beckham.
a lot.
he must be going through a hell of a bad time.
really. blagh, poor him.
he's also EXTREMELY gorgeous.
but still, hope everything turns out fine.

sigh, some things or some people are just, :/ indescribable.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


a few things frustrate me.
let's start with something that'5 fru5trating me now.

the letter "S" on my keyboard is being extremely idiotic.
so, mind me if I ju5t replace them with the number 5.
that'5 already bugging me.

I'm now watching the Liverpool match again5t Thailand.
and ye5, I am EXTREMELY heartbrokened that I am not exactly there.
I mean, a bunch of Thai kids got to give Dirk Kuyt a birthday cake. -.-
bloody 'ell
it'5 REALLY sad that I'm not there.
and I have to 5tay in my room watching it on a 5creen.

2ndly, after school, I came home.
and my 5i5ter decided to go to the book5tore.
so, I walked there with my dad and her.
yada yada.
my dad went off first, 5o I walked back with my 5i5ter.
and a bird 5hat on my head.
it literally ju5t drop a piece of crap on my hair.
it really, PISSED me off. -.-

3rdly, I had bought 5ims 3 from Au5tralia.
for 100 Au5tralian dollars. which roughly equals to RM280, give or take.
and which was odd, when I opened up the cd, it was green.
like, with pictures, but they were in green.
kind of like the pasar malam cds that they 5ell.
which really bugged me.
and then, I find out that over here, it cost5 RM130 for it.
when I paid more than twice the amount.
and to add on, an EXCLUIVE COLLECTOR'5 EDITION, with 5ome limited edition pendrive co5t only RM169.
and I had bought mine for RM280+-
5igh. :/

4thly, I will not be going to 5ingapore to catch the Liverpool match because of the price, of course.
gosh, what I would do to go. really.
just watching the match again5t Thailand now already make5 me 5o 5ad.

5thly, I am 5till fru5trated over the lo55 of my Boy5 Over Flower5 DVD.
I have no choice but to feel convinced that it wa5 abducted by a bunch of curiou5 alien5 that were intere5ted in a Korean show.

5o there, my li5t of fru5tration5.
there're more jumbled up in my head. but I gue55 the5e are the main one5.
I got my Additional Mathematics Class Test 3 result5 back today.
it i5n't great, considering that the paper was actually pretty 5imple.
but, I gue55, 5ati5fying and no complain5.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Conditioner

There's something about hair conditioner
I hate it.
and yesterday,
I accidentally mistaken my shampoo for conditioner
and therefore, put a whole lump on my hair
and then realised it was conditioner.
I hate it.
I really hate it.
it's so gooey and disgusting.
I hate the feeling of it.

anyway, class test tomorrow.
BM and Add Math.
I hate BM
I hate any subject IN BM.
wish me luck :/


I'm really going crazy.
I'm thinking too much.
worrying too much.
and about useless things.
I need help.

and, I need to study.
I can't seem to just get myself to read some History.
kill me.
I hate it.

Polish Up.

I'm going crazy. I need help.

I've been trying to study lately.
and Sejarah is my worst.
well, Moral is.
but they're all bad!
and I can't get it in my head!
Class Test for Sejarah is on Tuesday.
and I'm not ready.
I never am.

it's really late. it's almost 4:30am
I'm gonna sleep now (:
no school.

Tesha wants, badly, to see Liverpool play in Singapore.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If You're Happy And You Know It..

Clap your hands.

but, what if you're happy and you unsure?

anyway, I had a pretty tiring day.
well, not that tiring.
just, waking up early on a Saturday.
yeah, I have a habit of sleeping quite late.
and having to wake up in the morning for school.
so I really appreciate my weekends.
when I get to sleep until the afternoon or so.
and today, I had to sacrifice a morning to go for swimming gala.
when I didn't even do what I went there for.
eeeningg -.-

they have taken down the Fernando Torres billboard.
the billboard that I get excited over every time I pass it.
it's gone.
they have replaced it with an orange shoe -.-

Friday, July 17, 2009

Going Crazy. Just Go Crazy

I'm tired.
and frustrated
and anxious
and confused
and this
and that
and yada yada.

I hate it when this happens -.-

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Regrets

Class test 3 next week.

I am frustrated.
I really REALLY am.

firstly, I, Ho Te-Sha, will not be going to Singapore on the 26th of July.
no, I won't.
I won't be watching Liverpool live.
right in front of my face.
I won't.

secondly, Kim Hyun Joong is losing the poll thingy thingy.
which makes me sad.

lastly, Eening sent me a site which says the a Sims 3 Exclusive Pack is RM165.
when I, Ho Te-Sha, had bought a regular Sims 3 from Australia for RM280 (give or take)
which makes me really, really frustrated.
some times, things are just so bloody pissing off! jeeeez.

I'm going to kill someone.

They Don't Care About Us

I love the weekends.
and we have Monday off if I'm not mistaken (:
I always don't get enough sleep.
that I always dread for the weekends to come.
and it's Thursday tomorrow.
almost there, people!

class test 3 next week.
wish me well. :/

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surprisingly, I Wish You Well

I'm coughing a lot.
and spicy food didn't exactly help.
I'm feeling odd now.
I have this feeling.
like, the need to do something.
get something done.
it's making me anxious.

I don't like feeling anxious.
I really don't enjoy the feeling.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Change is Gonna Come

hello. I just finished dinner.
I had an awesome and long nap
mmm (:
well, I'm still pretty tired.
I slept at 2am last night and woke up at 4am.
then I had to get my Sejarah project done.
so I went to school with only 2 hours of sleep.

we had a lab test today.
which was really fun (:
I really enjoyed it.
hope we have stuff like that more often.

also, it was AWFULLY hazy today.
started coughing a lot.
and had some slight difficulties with breathing.
but it's probably just all in my mind. no idea.
my cough's pretty annoying now.
can't stand it -.-

I bought some odd mentos in Pentronas today.
it was Cola flavoured.
tasted funny. :/

right, Class Test 3 is making it's way closer and closer.
they changed the system.
now it's all within a week.
and all the form 4s have it at the same time.
and I have been having unsteady presence in school for the last 5 weeks.
therefore, I'm probably failing them all.
sigh. -.-

Oh, Boy.


Friday, July 10, 2009

When It Comes

watching Chuck in the morning (:
I really want Sarah and Chuck to end up together.
cause they're so cute.
but the other guy, Cole is just so charming.
and he has an English accent? jeez, who could resist.
sigh, so sad.

anyway, I had tuition yesterday night.
2 hours of Chemistry.
and done with the whole chapter of Salts (:
feels good.
at least I'm not lost for ONE of the subjects.

It's Funny

I'm watching Chuck now (:
gosh, I've been watching a lot of tv. :/
not going to school tomorrow -.-

ouch, my teeth REALLY hurt.
I just tightened my braces.
the pain is tolerable.
but when I grit my teeth together,
WOW. it is unimaginable pain.
no joke.
hurts. like a bee-ai-tee-see-ah-ah-AH
gosh, it really hurt.
excruciating pain.
it really hurts. shiiiiit

anyway, I JUST found out.
Torres' wife just gave birth O_O
a few days ago? or hours ago? maybe a day ago?
to a girl named Nora.
how beautiful (:

The source at the hospital said: "Apart from the bodyguards to keep any prying media out, you would never have known they were celebrities. They ate the hospital food, didn't ask for any special treatment and were exceptionally polite to the nurses."

he's too sweet. they're all too sweet.
blagh, so sweet.
Olalla's so sweet too!

Olalla is not a typical WAG and prefers to stay out of the limelight. She is studying Social Education at UNED, the Spanish equivalent of the Open University.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If It Doesn't Kill You

I'm not feeling so good.
so, I don't think I'll be going to school tomorrow :/

I'm watching Skins.
so farnehh
yes, Tony is extremely cute.
Chris isn't so bad either, actually (:
and Maxxie is DAMN adorable.
at first, weirdly enough, I found Sid quite cute.
and reminded me of Ron Weasley.
and he was actually quite adorable.
but now, not so much.
but he looks good with a beanie.
and Tony just keeps getting hotter each time I see him. blaghh (:

it's a good showw! funny. (:

blaghh, Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult are so damned adorable!

and Sid is so adorable lahhh!
and he's sweet. and nice.
but he looks better with the beanie.


Sid's so adorable.
Chris is so sweet!
Maxxie is SOO adorable.
Tony's just cute. and he's quite the assy. so, he's okay.
but Maxxie is SOOOO cute.
he looks a bit like the High School Musical guy though. Lucas Gabriel or something?
blagh, I'm loving it (:
the guys, the movie. wooop

oh, and Iman has gone to UK.
not so sure when she'll be back, though.

blaghh, Chris is so sweet.
and Maxxie is friggin' hot! ahghhghslajkljkljfopewko;kl,

I need someone to complain to and talk to and get overexcited to when I'm watching a show.
but Iman's gone ):

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


frustrationnounthe feeling of being upset or annoyed, esp. because of inability to change or achievesomething I sometimes feel like screaming with frustration.• an event or circumstance that causes one to have such a feeling the inherentfrustrations of assembly line work.• the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something the frustration of their wishes.ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin frustratio(n-)from frustrare ‘disappoint’(see frustrate ).

I've been fairly frustrated lately.
due to being busy with stuff.
having to time to do anything else.
having many many ulcers.
losing my Boys Over Flowers so suddenly.

and now, the split of Panic at the Disco.
I just found out.
I know the news might be pretty old for some.
but I have been pretty outdated.
they are splitting into half.
making 2 bands.
which is stupid.
why can't they just make a whole band.
but, maybe it's the best for them. I know.
but still, it breaks my heart.

anyway, I really can't find my Boys Over Flowers.
and it is really killing me inside.
I repeat, it's not the fact that I lost it.
but the fact that it is somewhere.
it obviously has to be somewhere.
and it isn't like I misplaced it
or it isn't like someone stole it.
so it has to be somewhere within my reach.

nowadays, I can actually feel myself changing.
my tolerance level is lower.
higher sensitivity.
more emotional.
and more annoyed.
it's not good.

and I'm getting so frustrated every time!

ICT Lab (:

ello. Tesha here (:
I am frustrated.
I lost my dvd.
and I need to find it.
very very badly.
my Boys Over Flowers dvd is gone.
it is missing. gone.
but I don't know where.
it's like it was abducted.
it should be in my house cause no one has it.
I did not misplace it or lose it. nor was it stolen.
help mee.
I'm dying of frustration.
I know it is somewhere.
but I can't find it.
and I'm dying because of it.
so, please. I NEED TO FIND IT.
I am so frustrated.
it has to be somewhere.
I'm about to die from the frustration.
it is missing.
and I need to find it.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, Black and White. Stunners, that's Right.

loooong day.
woke up at around 3am to reach school at 4am.
yada yada.

Blitzers won.
Shirtliff 2nd.
Calyx 3rd?
4th was? I can't remember
but 5th was Dynamitez? I think?

soo, we don't know our placing or anything.
since we weren't top 5.
which is actually quite sad.
I thought the All-boys Team could get something.
or we could?
but, I'm happy.
cheer's over. and I'm exhausted.

a team played a KHJ song for cheer (:
well, a SS501 song. but, still.
I didn't know the song, but it started with "Double S (korean words)"

I don't think I'm going to school tomorrow.
not sure just yet.
I'll see. (:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

If You're Gone

I'm exhausted.
1st day of Cheer '09 has finally ended.
and tomorrow will be the last.
I am sooo tired.
and I have to been in school by 4am tomorrow morning.

I can't wait for all this to be over.
the exhaustion.
the aching of my disgusting and painful ulcers.
and the disappearance of my dvd. -.-


p.s: Stunners All-boys and Stunners All-girls got into top 15 today.
       we didn't exactly do well. we did okay.
       but we definitely could've done better. much better.
        which will be proven tomorrow.


Friday, July 3, 2009

If the Frustration Helps


fingers crossed for getting my ulcers healed.
fingers crossed for finding my Boys over Flowers
fingers crossed for doing well tomorrow and Sunday for cheer.

I am frustrated.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tell Me If It Kills You

I'm frustrated.
I really don't know how to explain it.
I'm really gonna go crazy.
I have 7 ulcers. all on my lip.
2 more are currently growing.
by tomorrow, I'll probably have 9.

so, I came back from cheer.
with extremely painful lips.
therefore, I decided, "screw it. the pain doesn't last forever"
so, I just wanted to get it over and done with.
I took those cotton sticks, dipped it in salt
and scrubbed.
by scrubbed I meant, I scrubbed hard.
and still, the yellow stuff inside it didn't come out or anything.
but, it started bleeding.
and it wouldn't stop.
so I just gargled iced water to stop the bleeding.
and yet, nothing happened.
it still hurt.
so, I got angry and started eating like hell just to piss off my ulcers.
I ate spicy stuff and salty stuff.
that is "Things that are frustrating me" number one.

"Things that are frustrating me" number two is,
I cannot find my Boys Over Flowers DVD.
I paid 45 bucks for it. and it is gone. literally, abducted.
the problem is not me losing it.
I mean, it's just a DVD.
the problem is that, I did not misplace it nor was it stolen.
it has to be SOMEWHERE.
I know, it is obviously somewhere.
but it has to be around!
where could it have gone.
I've been looking high and low!
and I just, gahhh!
it has to be SOMEWHERE.

I don't know how to describe it.
I don't know how to say what I feel.
I feel so frustrated.
I mean, I know it's a small thing.
but, I just, can't leave it.
the ulcers nor the DVD.
it's just killing me inside.
I can't stop thinking about it.
and it makes me wanna pull my hair out!

I'mma get some rest.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go

We had Paramount Championship today.
pretty entertaining, really.
then had cheer practices after school.

ATTENTION: Please attend Cheer '09 in the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium to support us, Sri KDU Stunners (:

anyway, my Boys Over Flowers dvd has been abducted by a strange creature.
I have been trying so hard to look for it EVERYDAY.
for about, a week and a half now.
I have been feeling SO bloody frustrated
it's not about finding it.
it's about knowing that it is somewhere but not being able to find it.
I've asked everyone whether they have my copy of BOF.
but no one has it.
and it is not in my house!
it's been killing me.
you have no idea!