Saturday, March 21, 2009


oops! I completely forgot.
the 20th of March is Fernando Torres' birthday!
can't believe I forgot, but, okay.

HTF ForEveR! ~~

today is the official anniversary of HTF!
21st of March!
Happy one year, guys!
love you! muaxzz

Friday, March 20, 2009


okay, I went to Gardens today.
and spent money (:

*this is a happy post

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Have Those Days

I could try. and keep trying. and it could keep working.
but there's that extent where you just can't do it anymore and it stops working.

Open Happiness!

hello, world (: this'll be a short post. I have tuition in a while.
okay, there's a short post.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Be Too Quick to Judge

yesterday, I was supposed to go to Curve.
but, it was a bit haywire-y
so, I stayed home. :/ again

I went to school. to try the school team cheer.
and Jeannie's decided she doesn't want to continue so, I'm not going to either.
although, they're kinda scary.
and it creeps me out to quit.
but I don't wanna loner there.

I've been reading all the WONDERFUL articles of Liverpool's win against both, Real and Man Utd.
and Fernando Torres.
Steven Gerrard.
all the lovely articles. (;
they had like, so many shots against Real.
but Real has such an AMAZING, godlike goalkeeper that only 4 of them managed to slip through.
and against Man Utd, those 4 that went in were just, so amazing I don't think Van der Sar had any chance to save them. (:

Eight goals in five days against Europe's most elevated powers: their manager Rafael Benitez must be looking forward to the next round of contract negotiations now. The reason for all this was Torres. 

“After that, we tried to play simply and go forward quickly. And we knew that with the movement of Fernando Torres, we could create problems for their defence.”


Soccernet's team of the week!

GK: Chris Kirkland (Wigan) 
Fabio Aurelio (Liverpool) 
Joleon Lescott (Everton) 
Jonathan Woodgate (Spurs) 
Steven Taylor (Newcastle) 
Charles N'Zogbia (Wigan) 
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) 
Michael Essien (Chelsea) 
Aaron Lennon (Spurs) 
Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal) 
Fernando Torres (Liverpool)

Manager: Rafael Benitez (Liverpool)

I bolded Andrei Arshavin as well cause I like Arshavin (;

kay, I'm off!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Torres Has Sexy Hair

Liverpool AND Manchester United are both red.
therefore, I've put the ones of Liverpool in green cause that's their OTHER jersey colour and I couldn't put it in grey cause my original font colour is already grey (:


(any pictures posted are not in order whatsoever. it's pretty messed up. they're just here and there)

the only Manchester United goal (penalty). Cristiano Ronaldo.

their ONLY celebration (;

so, yes. I am a little late.
and, I guess the whole world already knows.
Liverpool THRASHED Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford, baby
but I kinda wish I had watched it outside or something :/
Rooney hates Kop? Kop don't care!

the dribble.

the goal. Fernando Torres.

the celebration :)

Cristiano Ronaldo scored from penalty for Manchester United when Pepe Reina challenged Park Ji-Sung and tripped him. which meant they were (notice the past tense?) leading by 1-0.
then Vidic's mistake let Fernando Torres score the equaliser. 
Foul from Evra got Steven Gerrard a penalty.
after half-time, Vidic got red carded and sent off.
The free-kick gained was turned into a goal by Fabio Aurelio.
and the last, most beatiful goal was scored during injury time by Andrea Dossena.

what a great week.

source of the penalty

the penalty. Steven Gerrard

the celebration (;

I was pretty scared about the match.
and not so positive.
and it was also Ronaldo's 150th appearance in the Premier League.

after half-time:
the red card to Vidic

the goal from the free-kick. Fabio Aurelio

the celebration! (;

okay, so after the win, everyone(since most of the people're Man Utd fans)'s like, "they gave face" or, "we're still on top", "it was luck"
which makes me really mad. I mean, HONESTLY, are people SO cowardly and totally have no dignity to say something like that when, before the match, they were all "aiya, Liverpool sucks. we're gonna thrash lah" or "get real. Liverpool will never win against Manchester United" 
and when they DIDN'T thrash, they don't even say, "it was a good game" or, "4 goals was a lot, congrats"
the ego in peole. :/ have some balls, please.
although, it kinda changed my happy night into a not-so-happy night.
but, as long as I think about the win, it's all good (:
I'd say, this season's a good season.
since I just became a fan this season (:

the celebration. I can't seem to find a picture of the goal,
but Andrea Dossena's goal was my favourite. it was beyond amazing and also smart.

can Gerrard be any more humble?

"We'll need a little bit of luck along the way but hopefully that gives teams that are going to play against Manchester United a bit of belief that they can be beaten. "

anyway, the Champions League match is gonna be held on the 14th of April and the 15th.
which, is also the 20th anniversary of the Hillsbrough disaster.
so, Gerrard has asked those UEFA members of the board or something, as a sign of RESPECT, that Liverpool don't play on the day.
I mean, it was an extremely sad tragedy.
and they could just postpone the date.
but, I don't think they said they can't confirm until after the draw.

'Torres is magic,' said Gerrard. 'I don't think anyone could argue with me that he is the best striker in the world. 
'It has been frustrating not to have him for parts of the season with injury. In my opinion, we'd be ahead of United if he had been fit all the time. 
'If we can keep him fit now, it could be an exciting finish to the season.' 

when, with United expecting Gerrard to strike, Aurelio curled in the resulting free-kick past a flat-footed Van der Sar.

It is not just the Spaniard's pace, composure and vision which raise Liverpool's level but the way he drives the entire side on, remarkable in a 24-year-old in only his second English season

I think Fabio Aurelio should take all the free-kicks. gotta love him.
I mean, I thought Gerrard was gonna take the free-kick.
and when they celebrate and when Pepe Reina was loner-ing at the other end of the field.
as he celebrated (by himself) too!
they all look SO happy.

Torres was brilliant, Gerrard too, Aurelio's curve, Dossena's chip.
they were ALL, as in, all the players, were good.
although, not as good when they were against Real.

oh, and, where was Xabi Alonso? and I know Benayoun's injured. and also, where's Agger?

oh, and what Mascherano did was pure stupidity.
so dumb, that it's funny.
when Ronaldo took the free-kick. and the ball was just there.
and Mascherano kicked it away and got Man Utd a corner? for not good reason.
and Pepe like, pushed his head jokingly as if to say "you, retard"
and Kuyt was like, squeezing his face looking like, "what's wrong with you? are you okay?"

and Arbeloa is SO cute. watching him sitting on the bench.
apparently, he damaged his hamstring during WARM-UPs -.-
I think Liverpool have something with hamstrings?
I could just, compare the looks of the Liverpool players with the Man Utd players.
I mean, I know football's about talent. and Man Utd play good football.
but, some of the Man Utd players just look WEIRD

this is a pretty wordy post. I know.
but, it's a happy post (:


it's a pretty happy event.

oh, and Torres changed his boots. They're the same type. but, different colour.
I know, it's pretty weird to realise.
buttt, it's not weird to realise that he has sexy hair (:

and so, it ends.. with Torres' sexy hair (;
and I just realised, it looks like his leg has an ice pack on it. ):
oh, noo.


or EXTREMELY happy?
and can't wait to go to school and laugh at those that have been saying "Liverpool sucks" or "Man Utd will surely win" ?
wahaha, watch out Jian Yong. you're gonna really kena from me (:

this picture's funny. ahaha
inside joke.

Coming Soon..

A long, happy, nice, maybe entertaining(?), picture-load post.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

With Hope and in Dreams, It Lasts

sooo, the Manchester United vs. Liverpool match is later.
I'm friggin' scared.
I hope Liverpool plays like how they played against Real Madrid on Wednesday morning.
or, if they could play so well in EVERY match.
some times Liverpool's performances are just so disappointing and frustrating.

and, I can already imagine the people boasting if Man Utd win this.
because the Liverpool vs. Man Utd match in Anfield this season has already been forgotten ):

how much I wish Liverpool could play well more often.
or all the time.
or be more consistently well like (I hate to say this) Man Utd.

pretty scary stuff. :/

boo! *thumbsdown*

anyway, I was supposed to go to Curve, with Iman, Elyas, Jas, Dickson, Shafiq, Megan and Akram, I think? but like, slowly, one by one, everyone was cancelling. so, I think we're going tomorrow at 6pm or something. I wanna buy stuff.
it's been so miserably miserable nowadays. :/

and I've got like, a bunch of stuff to finish during the holidays -.-

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Before You Let Go,

Liverpool beat Real Madrid 4-0!
it was a pretty damn good game (:
I mean, watching it, it was like, they looked like a team.
usually, I have to admit, when I watch the Liverpool matches, they look like individuals doing their own thing- not working together.
but, that match was incredible (:
of course, as a Liverpool fan.

anyway, goals scored by Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Andrea Dossena.


it's pretty damn amazing (:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Love the Greenery

Sports Day 09' was on Friday.
pretty heart-breaking.
I don't have any photos but there're like, hell of a bunch on Facebook and on other blogs and everything.

well, Blue House got first for cheer, and Yellow got 2nd.

it was pretty emotional for everyone. all the tears.
after that, we went to Curve.
there were like, a bunch of people there.
it was pretty fun.
but I didn't spend much time with the Green House
which, I really regret. :/

I'm gonna kinda miss cheer.

oh, my internet's all weird.
and yesterday, I kinda accidentally deleted all my contacts.
so, yeah :s
sucks for me.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


this is my 100th post.
and it is not so happy -.-
I'm so pissed off!
Liverpool lost to Middlesbrough 2-0 (: