Saturday, March 14, 2009

With Hope and in Dreams, It Lasts

sooo, the Manchester United vs. Liverpool match is later.
I'm friggin' scared.
I hope Liverpool plays like how they played against Real Madrid on Wednesday morning.
or, if they could play so well in EVERY match.
some times Liverpool's performances are just so disappointing and frustrating.

and, I can already imagine the people boasting if Man Utd win this.
because the Liverpool vs. Man Utd match in Anfield this season has already been forgotten ):

how much I wish Liverpool could play well more often.
or all the time.
or be more consistently well like (I hate to say this) Man Utd.

pretty scary stuff. :/

boo! *thumbsdown*

anyway, I was supposed to go to Curve, with Iman, Elyas, Jas, Dickson, Shafiq, Megan and Akram, I think? but like, slowly, one by one, everyone was cancelling. so, I think we're going tomorrow at 6pm or something. I wanna buy stuff.
it's been so miserably miserable nowadays. :/

and I've got like, a bunch of stuff to finish during the holidays -.-

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Am said...

I honestly thought I died and went to heaven.Torres was at his top form tho he wasn't fit,Mascherano makes me laugh!

*you'll never walk alone

aston villa next sunday*fingers crsosed