Wednesday, September 30, 2009


gosh, I forgot to watch the Liverpool match!
I slept pretty early.
at around 11?
and woke up at about 5 something and now, I'm blogging.
Liverpool LOST?
2-0 to Fiorentina.
apparently the goals were really good.
but still, they LOST!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Me?

I am really happy Liverpool won 6-1
but I think I'm gonna kill someone.
(it rhymes)
people are making me feel frustrated.

it's 5am.


Liverpool won.
no, no.
won is an understatement.
Liverpool thrashed.
although, thrashed might be an understatement too.
but, they beat Hull City 6-1.
I mean, sadly, Manchester United also won. 2-0
but, Chelsea lost! 3-1 to Wigan. depressing, ain't it.
but, they must've been dreaming if they thought they could win SEVEN games in a row?

anyway, I haven't EXACTLY been studying.
but yet, I have.
I have a little bit.
and that's good, I guess :D
I really want better results for FYE.
fingerscrossed. x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


okay, I have not studied.
but I will :D
I most definitely will!
I've been youtube-ing like crazy. blagh.
not good.


Kris Allen has a new single.
well, it's a cover of The Script's "Live Like We're Dying".
at first I didn't like Adam Lambert's "Want" but it's starting to grow on me.
anyway, Kris Allen's version of the song is okay. but, it's not as nice as the Script's.
'cause, Danny O' Donoghue has that special twist to his voice.
I mean, the Kris Allen version would've been good.
but, when you cover it, you can't help but compare.
so, they should make him sing something more original or something.
something just, his?

anyway, Selamat Hari Raya!

I Could Use Somebody

here's a promise.
I, Ho Te-Sha, will study tomorrow.
I have to. I really do.
it's the holidays.
it's an opportunity to catch up on those that I'm completely lost in.

anyway, it's 'bout 4:30am now,
which, is extremely late.
so, I'll be sleeping soon.
Yeoh Eening will be going to Bangkok tomorrow ("later")

Adam Lambert's album is said to be out on the 24th of November?
I hope it sounds good.
and also does well.
I really like the songs on David Cook's album.
especially being compared to Archuleta's -.-
but, it's not doing as well and Archuleta.
I mean, I think he sold more copies.
but, Archuleta has been having more singles,
and the singles are really popular -.-

anyway, Tesha will study tomorrow :D

Monday, September 21, 2009

BAM, I fell.

okay, it's 2:40am on a Monday (Raya Holiday)
but I can't help but blog about my achievement.
I JUST painted my nails. and then came online.

by the way, Manchester United won Manchester City.
I wanted it to be a draw.
it was a huge con though.
they said 4 minutes injury time.
but they have 6 and a half minutes.
they should've drawn.
Chelsea are too strong -.-
won 3-0 to Tottenham.

anyway, back to my achievement.

yes, I realise the one on the left is no more than ordinary.
but I painted the one on the right too (:
well, I'm a lefty.
so, it was too risky to try it with my right hand.
wooop (: there're probably people who're thinking, "gosh, I do it 10 times better"
but, I'm happy with it! so, shhh! :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Please, Shut Up

Liverpool won (:
two goals by Fernando Torres
1 by Dirk Kuyt?
and WHU scored 2.

but besides that, I'm pretty much pissed off.
sometimes, I just feel like choking him.
he is so stupid.
yet, so arrogant.
so annoying.
annoying beyond description.
I feel like smashing him into the wall.
idiot -.-

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Really, REALLY

no one has ANY idea how this feels.
that I have bought my Sims 3 for RM292 ringgit to be exact.
from Australia.
when, it's only RM170.
my disc is green.
when the disc is actually coloured.
and, it's extremely laggy.
I really REALLY want it to at least WORK properly.

and this feeling.
the feeling of REALLY, REALLY wanting something to happen,
I wish my missing dvd would appear -.-
it HAS to be somewhere.
it's REALLY frustrating. sigh. :/

Got Time, But I Don't Mind

Year-end exams are REALLY soon.
I need to start studyinggg.

I just finished watchin Iljimae. and I can't help it, I really need to blog about it.
because it has just wasted so much time from my life.
I'm like, "whuuuut?" -.-
I don't even know if he dies in the end or not.
it's so incomplete, it's killing me.
I don't even find it that great, no idea why it was so popular.

anyway, Liverpool match later. against West Ham United
blagh, they haven't been doing exactly well.
especially Fernando Torres.
he has to start scoring -.-
but Liverpool really has to win.

fingerscrossed. x

Thursday, September 17, 2009


hey, peepoes.
I'm currently getting the class page done.
I want it simple but nice.
very simple, but very nice.
hope the idea in my head turns outs right.
I'm printing it on photo paper, so, I hope it's clear, and the teachers would stop rejecting it.
like they do every year! -.-

Liverpool soon :D
come on, Fernando Torres. you haven't been doing so well -.-

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West is Freaky

gosh, I'm kinda tired.
I was trying to do the stupid class page.
worked so hard.
and turns out, the application saves it in a different format. -.-
hard to explain.
but, whatever it is, it's friggin' frustrating.

Kanye West is freaky.

and, Justin Timberlake is aweshommme :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elyas is "pro"

it's pretty late now.
and I'm kinda tired.
but, I'm online, youtube-ing and skype-ing.

I went out with Kat, Eening, Wen Chien and Michelle just now. :D
fuuun, fuuun (:
we watched the Ugly Truth. which I reaaaally enjoyed (:
funny show.
and then we used Wen Chien's laptop to watch Justin Timberlake's concert
goshh, sooo sexayyy :p

anyway, then, we went to Starbucks to do the video thingy when Kat and Michelle went off.
then, Eening went back.
then Wen Chien went back.
then I went back.

that pretty much some up my day. (:
I know my Physics results.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Losing My Way

this post is the number that is the square of 15.
I just noticed it before blogging.
so, i decided to point it out.
it's my 225th (:

anyway, my right hand is starting to be of better use.
since I can now write pretty well with my right hand.
due to having to use my right hand for the tests cause I electrocuted my left.
therefore, I am now a potential ambidextrous (:

tomorrow's Chem and Moral :/
sigh. I don't knowwwww.
I'm kinda tired.
but I've got a lot to study, really.

Kim Hyun Joong got swine flu ):
get welll!

Jade came over just now!
had some fun since I haven't seen her in AGES.

that pretty much sums up my day.
and also, I got my Add Math results.
pretty satisfied. (:


hello, I'm currently typing with a hand and a half.
I electrocuted myself yesterday night.
kinda funny story.

biggest disappointment yet: no super powers.

anyway, class test 4 is currently underway.
tomorrow, Physics!

also, Liverpool have a match against Burnley this weekend.
good or bad, I don't knoww.
I really need to studeh now.

so, I'm gonna go. and I'm gonna hang up my skype called with Elyas (:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

it's like 3:30 in the morning. and I'm seeing things funnily. I should really sleep :/
Class test 4 has started.
already gone through Add. Math, Mod. Math and BM.
which, didn't exactly go too well :s
I really need to start studying.
finals itself isn't too far away either.

anyway, Panic! at the Disco has a new song.
for the Jennifer's Body soundtrack
it's called New Perspective.
it sounds much better live cause the studio version makes Brendon Urie's voice a little bit odd :/
but, it's a good song.

the other half of the band has a new song too.
they're called The Young Veins.
I only heard a song called Change.
but, I was too tired to wait for it to buffer.
so, I'll listen to it soon. but the first half of it didn't sound TOO bad. (:

g'night (:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

They Never Fail to Disappoint.

heyy, I just got back from my Mt. Kinabalu trip.
aching everywhere, sunburnt here and there.
it's killing.
and I'm kinda such in an ekkkk mood now. ugh.
but I feel like watching some tv!
and sorry, I lost Elyas' phone :s

I'm in no mood,
so I'll just update about the trip some other time.
or never.

CT4 on Thursday.