Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elyas is "pro"

it's pretty late now.
and I'm kinda tired.
but, I'm online, youtube-ing and skype-ing.

I went out with Kat, Eening, Wen Chien and Michelle just now. :D
fuuun, fuuun (:
we watched the Ugly Truth. which I reaaaally enjoyed (:
funny show.
and then we used Wen Chien's laptop to watch Justin Timberlake's concert
goshh, sooo sexayyy :p

anyway, then, we went to Starbucks to do the video thingy when Kat and Michelle went off.
then, Eening went back.
then Wen Chien went back.
then I went back.

that pretty much some up my day. (:
I know my Physics results.

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