Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Could Use Somebody

here's a promise.
I, Ho Te-Sha, will study tomorrow.
I have to. I really do.
it's the holidays.
it's an opportunity to catch up on those that I'm completely lost in.

anyway, it's 'bout 4:30am now,
which, is extremely late.
so, I'll be sleeping soon.
Yeoh Eening will be going to Bangkok tomorrow ("later")

Adam Lambert's album is said to be out on the 24th of November?
I hope it sounds good.
and also does well.
I really like the songs on David Cook's album.
especially being compared to Archuleta's -.-
but, it's not doing as well and Archuleta.
I mean, I think he sold more copies.
but, Archuleta has been having more singles,
and the singles are really popular -.-

anyway, Tesha will study tomorrow :D

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