Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Losing My Way

this post is the number that is the square of 15.
I just noticed it before blogging.
so, i decided to point it out.
it's my 225th (:

anyway, my right hand is starting to be of better use.
since I can now write pretty well with my right hand.
due to having to use my right hand for the tests cause I electrocuted my left.
therefore, I am now a potential ambidextrous (:

tomorrow's Chem and Moral :/
sigh. I don't knowwwww.
I'm kinda tired.
but I've got a lot to study, really.

Kim Hyun Joong got swine flu ):
get welll!

Jade came over just now!
had some fun since I haven't seen her in AGES.

that pretty much sums up my day.
and also, I got my Add Math results.
pretty satisfied. (:

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