Monday, September 21, 2009

BAM, I fell.

okay, it's 2:40am on a Monday (Raya Holiday)
but I can't help but blog about my achievement.
I JUST painted my nails. and then came online.

by the way, Manchester United won Manchester City.
I wanted it to be a draw.
it was a huge con though.
they said 4 minutes injury time.
but they have 6 and a half minutes.
they should've drawn.
Chelsea are too strong -.-
won 3-0 to Tottenham.

anyway, back to my achievement.

yes, I realise the one on the left is no more than ordinary.
but I painted the one on the right too (:
well, I'm a lefty.
so, it was too risky to try it with my right hand.
wooop (: there're probably people who're thinking, "gosh, I do it 10 times better"
but, I'm happy with it! so, shhh! :D

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