Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If I Could Just Stab You

a whole bunch of everyone came over yesterday (:
had a movie marathon.
which wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be!
which was good.
and then I went for dinner with the immediate family, Jade, Eening, Huiyi and Kim.
for steamboat! (:

then woke up this morning bought school shoesss and packed lunch from McD's and went to Huiyi's.
and she had to do some baking so I just helped her out a little.
sooo tired noww for some reason.

Monday, December 28, 2009


hellooooo :D
I'm now, 16!
just watching everybody turn 16.
and suddenly, I'm 16,
it doesn't feel all too good anymore -.-

but, I went for dinner at Las Carretas just now.
'cause dad won't be around tonight.
the food was AMAZING. as usualll!
yummmmm (:
and I got to wear a Sombrero? and they gave me a free brownie.
which was also extremely yummmmmm!

blaghh, I wanna buy The Killers dvd. when they performed in Royal Albert Hall!
but they don't sell it here
which is, stuuuupid. ):

anyway, it was a good dinner.
had loadsa fun with the family.
and, it's been a great year (:
SPM next year.
and no plans for new years.
maid's coming home!
so, we were jsut thinking of celebrating at home!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Distant Closness

gonna go out to celebrate my birthday dinner soon.
it's supposedly tomorrow, but my dad might be a little busy :/
going to Las Carretas (:

finally 16 in a matter of hours (:

Eening can't hold the movie marathon on Tuesday,
so, it's being held in my house.
wooohooo (:
hope it all turns out fine!
I've been kinda bored.
but, too awfully lazy to go anywhere

There's a Ringing

gahh! I wish my youtube would be faster -.-
I get so lazy to buffer videos when it's slow.
and there're soo many I wanna watch.

anyway, going to go to Eening's house for a movie marathon on Tuesday! (:
hope it works out fine!

I've been playing Sims like crazy.
brother as well.
I need a life. I should do something else.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmass! (;

it's the 25th of the month.
an occasion I don't particularly celebrate.
but, still a joyful time of year (:
and as usual, no plans.
no plans for Christmas, no plans for New Years

I'm kinda tired.
slept at like, 5 last night.
woke up at 11.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Glass Half Empty

hello, World!
went for Jiann Lee's birthday celebration in Shangri-La, KL yesterday.
then, after that, stayed another night at Huiyi's place.

school's starting sooooo soon!
before the holidays, I had ALL kinds of plans.
and, I don't even have enough time to finish!
I need to finish watching East of Eden.
but, I've been playing Sims like crazy -.-
and I still wanna watch so many shows!
urgh, it's not going all too well.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm getting so pissed off.
my Sims 3 won't download -.-
and I've been trying and trying and trying.

anyway, I went to OU today.
spent the day with Lam.
I watched Ninja Assassin.
not bad. but also, pretty bad.
the story line is a bit off.
but, the acting is quite good.
and Rain. ohmygod!
I've always thought he wasn't exactly good looking :/
but, he looked pretty good in the show.
and his BODY!

I'm staying the night at Huiyi's
and Kat'll be coming over tomorrow to go to Shagri La for Jiann Lee's birthday dinner!

I remember liking how my birthday turned out last year (:
I hope it's just as nice this year.
even though I'm not celebrating. :/

I wanna watch Titanic.
or something Leonardo DiCaprio.
I also wanna watch Pearl Harbour? but dad says it's not so good.

Sam's Town

wow. I'm tired.
it's already 1am.
but it feels like it should be 3am or something.
I wish it were 3!
I think my brother's reaching home by 3am?

well, gotta wake up tomorrow.
got some stuff to do.
but the maid's coming to clean up tomorrow,
so, I don't have to (:

I have a sudden want to watch Titanic. really.
or, Romeo and Juliet? Leonardo DiCaprio.
or Aviator? starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
or Blood Diamond? which has Leonardo DiCaprio.
I loooove him (:
can't decide. I haven't watched any of it accept Titanic.
and I don't even have Titanic! well, I used to.
can't find it.
or, I should probably sleep.
but, nahhh (:

damn, I have 2 extremely painful ulcers
and a friggin' bubble on my lower lip.
I think I taste blood :/

Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm pretty exhausted
was forced to wake up pretty early to clean up around the houseee!

anyway, Sims is pissing me off.
I've been trying to get it all straightened out,
but there're tweeks here and there.
ohmygod. I'm so frustrated!

never mind.
brother's coming back tomorrow! (:
and I think, so are the other two younger ones!
haven't seen them all in 5 days ++

I Wanna Fall in Looove

back from Malacca.
pretty tired since it's kinda late.

anyway, Elyas just callled!
he'll be back on the 1st of January :/
told me he got himself a 100 pound limited edition Liverpool jersey while he was at ANFIELD!
with signatures all over them! ): blaghh. wish I were rich?
and he got me a keychain with Fernando Torres on it! :D
he also said that he bought crazy a lot of jerseys
and that it snowed!

I have to wake up early tomorrow -.-
just got home,
and no one else is home,
so I'll be waking up to,
a huge pile of laundry,
dog crap,
dirty dishes,
unpacked clothes.
all of it just waiting for me to be cleaned up.
-.- mom.

I need to learn how to bottle up.
to just leave all my anger, frustration, sadness, whatever it is
and just ignore it.
I'll have to get used to it.

to not care what you think
to not care what you say
a little self-confidence
a little ignorance to my insecurities
a little less self-consciousness
and to just smile,
when I hate you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Out, Let It Out

I'm going home tonight! can't wait.
gosh, I miss home so much!

woke up this morning and went to eat chicken rice balls for lunch.
then took an extremely looong walk.
parents bought some paintings.
and we came back.

wedding dinner later (:
then, off to go home!

ish, why do you do this? -.-
or maybe it's me?
I try not to be annoyed.
but, it's hard.
I need to rant,
but I can't.
gahh, this frustrates me.
but, screw you. it's not gonna get to me.

Liverpool lost 2-0 to Portsmouth. -.-
still bugging me.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Need to Talk

gahhh! hoooww?
how the hell are Liverpool currently losing to Portsmouth
that is badddd!
and Agger is playing,
Fernando Torres is playing,
Dirk Kuyt is playing!
what's wrong with the team?
unless Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa were lucky charms or something.
this is BAD!

anyway, had a pretty cool day,
woke up for breakfast then headed to Muar
to.. buy TREES!
yeah, pretty odd
but, we went to look at trees to buy
got that done then came back here to Malacca.
lepak all day,
went for dinner and took an extremely looong walk (:

will be back tomorrow night! (:

Friday, December 18, 2009

On Cloud 9

wooohooo! (;
I've been pretty much living the life.
yesterday, I packed up and left the house with Eening to Gardens.
parents booked a room in the Gardens hotel and Eening and I were off to walk around before Han Jun's birthday celebration.
so, we met up with Brandon Charles and Jerrick and bought something for Han Jun and then went to Red Box
I had fun!
it was so funny.I don't sing much, but everyone else was.
and I really enjoyed myself (:

and here's the biggest part, TAN JIANN LEE, to whom I might as well dedicate the post to
ohmy, he got me a birthday present and insisted I opened it there and then
he got me SIMS 3! you have no idea.
it's so crazy expensive.
and I feel bad that he bought it for me, but I am EXTREMELY grateful!
ahhhh! (: made me sooo happy.
extremelyextreeeemely happy!
it's so unbelievable!
I literally smiled myself to sleep!

so, woke up this morning after my night in Gardens Hotel
and on the way to Malacca!
I'm now staying in Majestic Malacca for the night,
it's fully booked tomorrow night,
hopefully I have a place to stay.
EVERYWHERE is booked.
since it's the public holidays and there's the weekends.

I'll be back on Sunday night! (:


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We've Been Distant, No?

yes, Brandon Flowers is SO sexy (;

I noticed, my blog posts have no picture (:
yes, the posts are extreeemely dull.
but, I don't expect anyone to read them,
it's just for me to rant away (:
I also realised, my updates are a day late
because I update after 12 quite often :/

yesterday, I went for reflexology.
I nearly died.
now, my foot hurts like crazy.

anyway, Kok Eu and Ni Ahn are going for camp tomorrow
I've stopped going :D thankfully, my parents don't instruct it anymore
so, tomorrow, I'll be going over to Eening's for lunch!
can't make it for the KLCC trip with Jiann Lee and Friends :/
so, Thursday, the outing with Teoh Yen Nie got cancelled
which, sucks. 'cause I was really looking forward to it,
and I was planning to shop for birthday presents then!
so, I can't.
then I'm going to Gardens in the evening for Han Jun's birthday.
and on Friday! I'm going to Malacca with mommm!
there's a wedding on Sunday. woohoo!
no idea whose, though.

I would LOOVE to go for the Glastonbury Festival some time.
it looks SOOO nice!
or go to any concert for that matter.
haven't been to one since MTV World Stage right here in Malaysia.
but all the huge ass concerts look like loads of fun!
O_o I wanna gooooo.
but, then again, I want a lot of things.
well, life is such -.-

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As We Hold Hands

Kat and Eening had come over today (:
we watched (500) Days of Summer. it was overall a pretty okay movie.
then they went back.
so, tomorrow, I'll be going to school to pay the fees, buy books and uniform.
plans with Amelia have been cancelled, so, I'll be going to Eening's house on Wednesday for lunch!
then, on Thursday, I think I'll be going for Han Jun's birthday thing (:
later on, off to drive around with mom!

I'm already at the 31st episode of East of Eden!
just started it.
so, another 26 more episodes more.
which, sounded a lot less in my head until I typed it out. :/

I need to buy birthday presents.
I owe quite a number of people some presents.
but, I'm EXTREMELY broke.
as usual

Monday, December 14, 2009

We Slowly Fall Down, and Crash

yes, I'm sad.
I think football is unhealthy.
Xabi Alonso was watching the match. :/
wonder why.

anyway, Eening and Kat are coming over tomorrow!
and I'll have to catch up on chores before they arrive.
so, I won't be able to go out tomorrow, apparently with Wei Jiat, Dickson and Ng
and then on Tuesday, I'm going to school to get books and uniform and also to pay the school fees
have to get everything done with my sister 'cause my mom'll be busy.
and then I'm going to Amelia's house on Wednesday! until Friday.
which would mean I can't make it for Han Jun's birthday celebration! :/
and then Friday I'll be going to be around Malaysia with the mommm!

busier than I thought?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Know It's Gonna Bleed Somtimes

still crazy punished.

anyway, today, I went to Centre Point for some UK College Forum.
and I saw Jiann Lee and Han Jun there! LOL
huge surpriseeeee!
sooo, I applied to Concord, Ellesmere and Plymouth.
I guess that's great (:
all done.
just, have to wait for a few weeks for some end result.

GOSH! I've been watching Desperate Housewives, the 5th season.
and I LOOOVE Jackson with Susan! but I love Mike and Susan.
I like Katherine. but I don't like Katherine with Mike!
but I can't believe he doesn't love her anymoreee!
shows tend to always go the opposite direction of what I want. -.-

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Can't Have Everything

ohgosh, I am back online.
I got grounded that day.
long story.
then, I was banned from the computer.
but now I'm unbanned.

been a few frustrating days, really.

mom's been a real pain in the butt,
kokeu too. ish.

sigh, I've got so much to blog about,
but, yet, I don't feel like blogging just yet.


okay, I think I feel like blogging now.
it's about, 1:45 in the morning, though.
anyway, I've been going The Killers crazy.
and I would just amazingly LOVE to go see them in Singapore in January ):
their concert in Royal Albert Hall in London just looked so amazing.
dangit, I extremely wish I were there
they aren't coming to Malaysia.
bloody hell, I LOOOOVE themmmm!

anyway, I've been forced to wake up at 9:30 every morning.
to do the chores.
so, I'd be waking up to search for any bottles and cups or dirty dishes around the house then washing them, then cleaning up a bit, sweeping around then mopping. and if there's any, I grab the laundry and fold them, iron them and put them back in the rooms.
yeahp, I've been grounded.

holidays might be ending in a quick flash,
and it honestly scares me to death!
I wanna do sooo many things!
I haven't even gotten to anything. lol

I loooove the Killers. :D


it's exactly 2:35am now.
and I have to wake up at 9:30am.
so, I'll be sleeping extremely soon.
was planning to watch East of Eden,
but, guess not anymore.
I'm so crazy on The Killers now,
I just can't get enoughhhhh! (:
blaghhh. Brandon Flowers, I loooove.
I feel so crazy obsessed!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maybe I Was Mistaken

lie after lie after lie.
you just never stop
even when there wasn't a point to lie in the first place.
how it annoys me,
you just keep on pissing the crap outta me!

I'm seriously in such a foul mood.
my mind's going crazy for no reason at all,
and youtube is being SO annoying!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Give Me the Green Light

I stayed the night at Huiyi's along with Kim.
going there again later (:
jeez, I've got SO much time.
I just have no idea what to do with them.
and my youtube is being really slow.
a 40-second video is taking almost 20 minutes to load.

I don't know what to do.
what I'm supposed to do.
when I'm just stuck without a clue.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Enemies I've Made

today, was a pretty dull day like the rest.
promised myself to watch East of Eden.
but, I didn't
I'm going for a sleepover.
it's a little late, but, she's not in yet.
so, we'll have to wait.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Guitar

gosh, I'm exhausted!
I got the Kris Allen and Adam Lambert album yesterday
and so far, I'm EXTREMELY sad to say, that I find the Kris Allen one nicer :/
Adam Lambert could sing better songs. but I don't know why he doesn't

anyway, I watched New Moon with Ni Ahn and Kok Eu yesterday.
to me, I find it better than Twilight.
their acting has seriously improved
although it still isn't good.
the book is seriously just so much better
the book is realllly good.
the movie, is a little :/ ekk.
but I guess, it's tolerable.

I woke up early this morning.
like, extremely early. :/
went to Jiann Lee's house.
reached at like, 10am.
to stone -.-
until everyone came late.
which were Samantha, Han Jun and his sister, Jerrick and Brandon Charles.
and left at about 4pm for dental (:
had cendol and rojak, yummm.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If Tomorrow Never Comes

wow, I'm tired.
well, it's 2am.
but, I've been feeling pretty exhausted.
mom's been making do chores.
for some reason, she doesn't want ANYONE else to do it, but me.
when my brother helped she seemed a little bugged -.-
so this morning, she waited for my brother to leave and texted me about the chores while she was at work -.-
it's probably 'cause I've been lazing my butt off.

I spent my day at home.
doing nothing.
played Monopoly with the siblings and all.
I think I'm going to OU tomorrow with the family (: