Monday, December 14, 2009

We Slowly Fall Down, and Crash

yes, I'm sad.
I think football is unhealthy.
Xabi Alonso was watching the match. :/
wonder why.

anyway, Eening and Kat are coming over tomorrow!
and I'll have to catch up on chores before they arrive.
so, I won't be able to go out tomorrow, apparently with Wei Jiat, Dickson and Ng
and then on Tuesday, I'm going to school to get books and uniform and also to pay the school fees
have to get everything done with my sister 'cause my mom'll be busy.
and then I'm going to Amelia's house on Wednesday! until Friday.
which would mean I can't make it for Han Jun's birthday celebration! :/
and then Friday I'll be going to be around Malaysia with the mommm!

busier than I thought?

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