Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As We Hold Hands

Kat and Eening had come over today (:
we watched (500) Days of Summer. it was overall a pretty okay movie.
then they went back.
so, tomorrow, I'll be going to school to pay the fees, buy books and uniform.
plans with Amelia have been cancelled, so, I'll be going to Eening's house on Wednesday for lunch!
then, on Thursday, I think I'll be going for Han Jun's birthday thing (:
later on, off to drive around with mom!

I'm already at the 31st episode of East of Eden!
just started it.
so, another 26 more episodes more.
which, sounded a lot less in my head until I typed it out. :/

I need to buy birthday presents.
I owe quite a number of people some presents.
but, I'm EXTREMELY broke.
as usual

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