Friday, December 18, 2009

On Cloud 9

wooohooo! (;
I've been pretty much living the life.
yesterday, I packed up and left the house with Eening to Gardens.
parents booked a room in the Gardens hotel and Eening and I were off to walk around before Han Jun's birthday celebration.
so, we met up with Brandon Charles and Jerrick and bought something for Han Jun and then went to Red Box
I had fun!
it was so funny.I don't sing much, but everyone else was.
and I really enjoyed myself (:

and here's the biggest part, TAN JIANN LEE, to whom I might as well dedicate the post to
ohmy, he got me a birthday present and insisted I opened it there and then
he got me SIMS 3! you have no idea.
it's so crazy expensive.
and I feel bad that he bought it for me, but I am EXTREMELY grateful!
ahhhh! (: made me sooo happy.
extremelyextreeeemely happy!
it's so unbelievable!
I literally smiled myself to sleep!

so, woke up this morning after my night in Gardens Hotel
and on the way to Malacca!
I'm now staying in Majestic Malacca for the night,
it's fully booked tomorrow night,
hopefully I have a place to stay.
EVERYWHERE is booked.
since it's the public holidays and there's the weekends.

I'll be back on Sunday night! (:


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