Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We've Been Distant, No?

yes, Brandon Flowers is SO sexy (;

I noticed, my blog posts have no picture (:
yes, the posts are extreeemely dull.
but, I don't expect anyone to read them,
it's just for me to rant away (:
I also realised, my updates are a day late
because I update after 12 quite often :/

yesterday, I went for reflexology.
I nearly died.
now, my foot hurts like crazy.

anyway, Kok Eu and Ni Ahn are going for camp tomorrow
I've stopped going :D thankfully, my parents don't instruct it anymore
so, tomorrow, I'll be going over to Eening's for lunch!
can't make it for the KLCC trip with Jiann Lee and Friends :/
so, Thursday, the outing with Teoh Yen Nie got cancelled
which, sucks. 'cause I was really looking forward to it,
and I was planning to shop for birthday presents then!
so, I can't.
then I'm going to Gardens in the evening for Han Jun's birthday.
and on Friday! I'm going to Malacca with mommm!
there's a wedding on Sunday. woohoo!
no idea whose, though.

I would LOOVE to go for the Glastonbury Festival some time.
it looks SOOO nice!
or go to any concert for that matter.
haven't been to one since MTV World Stage right here in Malaysia.
but all the huge ass concerts look like loads of fun!
O_o I wanna gooooo.
but, then again, I want a lot of things.
well, life is such -.-

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