Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Can't Have Everything

ohgosh, I am back online.
I got grounded that day.
long story.
then, I was banned from the computer.
but now I'm unbanned.

been a few frustrating days, really.

mom's been a real pain in the butt,
kokeu too. ish.

sigh, I've got so much to blog about,
but, yet, I don't feel like blogging just yet.


okay, I think I feel like blogging now.
it's about, 1:45 in the morning, though.
anyway, I've been going The Killers crazy.
and I would just amazingly LOVE to go see them in Singapore in January ):
their concert in Royal Albert Hall in London just looked so amazing.
dangit, I extremely wish I were there
they aren't coming to Malaysia.
bloody hell, I LOOOOVE themmmm!

anyway, I've been forced to wake up at 9:30 every morning.
to do the chores.
so, I'd be waking up to search for any bottles and cups or dirty dishes around the house then washing them, then cleaning up a bit, sweeping around then mopping. and if there's any, I grab the laundry and fold them, iron them and put them back in the rooms.
yeahp, I've been grounded.

holidays might be ending in a quick flash,
and it honestly scares me to death!
I wanna do sooo many things!
I haven't even gotten to anything. lol

I loooove the Killers. :D


it's exactly 2:35am now.
and I have to wake up at 9:30am.
so, I'll be sleeping extremely soon.
was planning to watch East of Eden,
but, guess not anymore.
I'm so crazy on The Killers now,
I just can't get enoughhhhh! (:
blaghhh. Brandon Flowers, I loooove.
I feel so crazy obsessed!

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