Monday, December 28, 2009


hellooooo :D
I'm now, 16!
just watching everybody turn 16.
and suddenly, I'm 16,
it doesn't feel all too good anymore -.-

but, I went for dinner at Las Carretas just now.
'cause dad won't be around tonight.
the food was AMAZING. as usualll!
yummmmm (:
and I got to wear a Sombrero? and they gave me a free brownie.
which was also extremely yummmmmm!

blaghh, I wanna buy The Killers dvd. when they performed in Royal Albert Hall!
but they don't sell it here
which is, stuuuupid. ):

anyway, it was a good dinner.
had loadsa fun with the family.
and, it's been a great year (:
SPM next year.
and no plans for new years.
maid's coming home!
so, we were jsut thinking of celebrating at home!

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