Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Guitar

gosh, I'm exhausted!
I got the Kris Allen and Adam Lambert album yesterday
and so far, I'm EXTREMELY sad to say, that I find the Kris Allen one nicer :/
Adam Lambert could sing better songs. but I don't know why he doesn't

anyway, I watched New Moon with Ni Ahn and Kok Eu yesterday.
to me, I find it better than Twilight.
their acting has seriously improved
although it still isn't good.
the book is seriously just so much better
the book is realllly good.
the movie, is a little :/ ekk.
but I guess, it's tolerable.

I woke up early this morning.
like, extremely early. :/
went to Jiann Lee's house.
reached at like, 10am.
to stone -.-
until everyone came late.
which were Samantha, Han Jun and his sister, Jerrick and Brandon Charles.
and left at about 4pm for dental (:
had cendol and rojak, yummm.


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