Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm getting so pissed off.
my Sims 3 won't download -.-
and I've been trying and trying and trying.

anyway, I went to OU today.
spent the day with Lam.
I watched Ninja Assassin.
not bad. but also, pretty bad.
the story line is a bit off.
but, the acting is quite good.
and Rain. ohmygod!
I've always thought he wasn't exactly good looking :/
but, he looked pretty good in the show.
and his BODY!

I'm staying the night at Huiyi's
and Kat'll be coming over tomorrow to go to Shagri La for Jiann Lee's birthday dinner!

I remember liking how my birthday turned out last year (:
I hope it's just as nice this year.
even though I'm not celebrating. :/

I wanna watch Titanic.
or something Leonardo DiCaprio.
I also wanna watch Pearl Harbour? but dad says it's not so good.

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