Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sam's Town

wow. I'm tired.
it's already 1am.
but it feels like it should be 3am or something.
I wish it were 3!
I think my brother's reaching home by 3am?

well, gotta wake up tomorrow.
got some stuff to do.
but the maid's coming to clean up tomorrow,
so, I don't have to (:

I have a sudden want to watch Titanic. really.
or, Romeo and Juliet? Leonardo DiCaprio.
or Aviator? starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
or Blood Diamond? which has Leonardo DiCaprio.
I loooove him (:
can't decide. I haven't watched any of it accept Titanic.
and I don't even have Titanic! well, I used to.
can't find it.
or, I should probably sleep.
but, nahhh (:

damn, I have 2 extremely painful ulcers
and a friggin' bubble on my lower lip.
I think I taste blood :/

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