Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ever Enough?

so they won?
is that ONLY as far as they'll EVER get?
I mean, so far, they've only been winning 3-2, 2-1, 1-0 and whenever they draw, it's 0-0
it's always only ONE goal difference!
and they beat Portsmouth 1-0
Gerrard scored. LATE. a penalty =.=
I mean, this is REALLY risky.

I guess I can't complain.
I was waiting and waiting
till the 70th minute it was still a goalless game
I thought it would be a draw
but yeah, they won.

anyway, it's like, 7:15am
and I haven't slept.
so I'll just keep blogging.

Chelsea won 3-0 to Hull
Manchester United won 2-0 to West Ham United
Arsenal drew 4-4 to Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester City lost 0-2 to Middlesbrough
Stoke beat Sunderland 1-0
Wigan lost 2-0 to Fulham
Aston Villa won 3-2 to Blackburn
Bolton lost 0-1 to Everton
and finally,
Liverpool won 1-0 to Portsmouth

I'm so bored, I'll even elaborate on the few.

Goals at Hull's:
Lampard (Chelsea)
Anelka (Chelsea)
Malouda (Chelsea)

Goals at the Gunner's place:
Bentley (Spur)
Silvestre (Arsenal)
Gallas ( Arsenal)
Adebayor (Arsenal)
Bent (Spur)
Van Persie (Arsenal)
Jenas (Spur)
Lennon (Spur)

Goals at Old Trafford:
Cristiano Ronaldo (Devil)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Devil)

so, Liverpool's at the top of the table with 26pts
Chelsea 2nd with 23pts
Arsenal 3rd, with 20pts
Aston Villa 4th, also with 20pts
Hull City at 5th place, also with 20pts
Manchester United 6th, with 18pts

I guess it's okay that way?
I guess, I'll put up pictures?

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur:

Manchester United vs. West Ham United:

Hull City vs. Chelsea:

Liverpool vs. Portsmouth:

beep beep (:

Jump, Scream, Smile

I have been having absolutely nothing to do
I've been SO bored
last night I slept at 5am
I stayed up watching Goal! and Never Back Down
and I woke up at 12:30pm
went for lunch,
came home and stoned.
how, fun?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Real Contenders

so, yesterday was..
I don't feel like putting it into details
but, Liverpool won Chelsea at Stamford Bridge
which means, that Liverpool broke Chelsea's 4 season record!

Chelsea 0 - 1 Liverpool

Alonso scored on the 10th minute!
there were a few shots by both teams
but I don't need to say every detail
because all that matters is..


I mean, this means, A LOT
it makes me so HAPPYYYYY! (:
just hope they last throughout!

OH! and Hull is pretty scary, aren't they?
I mean, they're pretty awesome.
it's their first time playing in the EPL and they've been playing so well!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

You Would Think..

I thought, it would be so great after PMR.
but, I am incredibly bored.
and the picture uploader is being REALLY retarded
it can only upload ONE at a time

I have absolutely, nothing to do
it is DYINGLY boring

tomorrrroooooooooww, Chelsea vs. Liverpool
I AM aware that Chelsea hasn't lost a match in Stamford Bridge for 4 seasons
and, they're still juggling to make a decision about Torres.
Keane is kinda hurt
and Gerrard and A LOT of the others aren't in great condition either

but I've been reading a few comments on the articles regarding the Chelsea vs. Liverpool match,
and it makes me feel SOO happy that all the Liverpool fans feel so confident and proud!
and even a few Chelsea fans have some faith in Liverpool!

I am, VERY scared
and I don't feel so right about it.
but I hope they do well!

anyway, I think, since I'm bored. I'll just upload the pictures (:

on the wayyy!


No more BRACES!

looks are deceiving



etcetra etcetra
the others are being retarded and won't upload
just, go here.. [click]

and, I went to SUNWAY PYRAMID on Friday!
with Jeannie Teoh Yen Nie and Yeoh Eening!
we watched HSM3:Senior Year.
it was alright.
probably the best among the other 2 HSMs
pictures aren't with me
check out Eening's blogg!

and, Liverpool drew with Atletico Madrid
very sad.
but Torres didn't play.

I like their green jerseys! (:

I'll probably be blogging VERY soon.
goodluck to Liverpool tomorrowwww! (;
hope Torres gets better FAST!
I don't want them to risk putting Torres on.
unless he is completely HEALED!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You're Giving Me a Heart Attack

PMR is done.
but, I'm still scared 'cause of the results.
and I'm telling myself there's no point.
cause there's really nothing I can do.

(extreme apologies to boring blog post ahead, picture uploader is STILL being evil)

so, I'll blog a happy blog.
Liverpool won, 3-2 against Wigan
not good.
well, better.
but not good.
firstly, they were losing 2-1
2nd-ly, they didn't score until the end
3rd-ly, it's their homeground

it's kinda good cause Torres wasn't playing.
and it's extremely scary that they're playing Chelsea next week.
and again, Torres isn't playing.
but I'll blog about that another time.

I stayed the night at Iman's house.
but, before that, we went for movies in Curve
and after that, a whole "where is Iman" drama came on.
long story
and very UGHH story.

so yeah, we watched Max Payne and House Bunny
Max Payne was okay, I guess?
House Bunny was extremely HILARIOUS!
it was, DYINGLY funny.
we watched that in that Platinum Class in Cathey Cineplex?
it was like, 25 bucks.
cheaper and nicer than GSC Gold Class.
it's really comfy!

then, we watched a bunch of Veronica Mars.

and then, Iman's birthday dinner! which I just returned from.
people that were there: Katrina, Jia Shern, Eening, Shaun (whom we haven't seen for a while), Mei Yi, Jamie, Elyas, Suet Mun, Tash, Alysha (who went to KL Hilton by mistake at first. lol), Shafiq, Dickson and Daniel

it was really fun.

had cake. talked. took a bunch of pictures. the guys played a bit of poker?? =.=

AND, the pictures can't be uploaded. STILL
so, here's the link.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Choosing My Own Way of Life

yes, my blog has been oddly boring
anyway, after tomorrow, I guess I'll be writing more.
last day of PMR tomorrow.
I don't intend to mention how it went

tomorrow's Geo
then I'm going to go over to Iman's!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ballon d'Or

I am not supposed to be using the computer
but I had to print all the tips thingy
thanks, Am

and I'm kinda, waiting to print cause my parents are watching tv
and the printer's making too much noise.
so, whilst waiting....

I was looking through some articles,
and, Fernando Torres is one of the football players to be nominated the Ballon d'Or
it's French, for Golden Ball
it's a European Footballer of the Year Award.

last year, Kaka won it
Cristiano Ronaldo coming in 2nd
and Lionel Messi 3rd

and THIS year, the ones that have been chosen are Cristiano Ronaldo (yet again!) and Lionel Messi (AGAIN), also Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas and yada yada
so I'm dyingly hoping that Torres will become first! (:
I'm dying

Kaka won with 444 points
Cristiano Ronaldo with 277
and Lional Messi with 255


Monday, October 6, 2008


if you're asking yourself,
aren't there only 6 days left till PMR?
well, you are right.

I'm just going to do a quick one.
because, Liverpool won Manchester City!
it was all really dyingly scary.
cause, during the first half, Liverpool was losing, 2-0
and I wanted to DIE
I wanted to just watch Disney Channel or something.

but of course, I continued to watch the 2nd half and about 8 minutes later, Torres scored.
and a few minutes after that, Torres had scored again.
I've got no time to put it in detail
and so, it was 2-2 until extra time.
after 2 minutes of extra time, just like against PSV, Torres takes a shot, the balls is kicked away by the goal keeper, comes running Kuyt to kick the ball, the goalkeeper being absent-minded, quickly sees, but fortunately, isn't quick enough to save the ball. so, goal by Dirk Kuyt yet again! (:

so that's about it.

and Riera shouldn't be so rough
if not, the 2nd goal wouldn't have been a 2nd goal.
tsk tsk.

and a Manchester City player got sent off cause he kicked Xabi Alonso. =/

but pity goes to Martin Skrtel. wow, he was badly injured.
and then after he had to go, all the Manchester City fans were boo-ing.
what the hell. =.=

that's pretty much it.
game ended, Manchester City 2 - 3 Liverpool

Thursday, October 2, 2008

PSV Eindhoven

match is on now (:

it was a corner for Liverpool, Gerrard kicks it in and Torres takes a shot at it but is blocked my the goalkeepers leg, bounced off and comes Kuyt who kicks it towards the goal. The ball is caught by the goalkeeper, with butter fingers, it slips out and SCORE! by Dirk Kuytt 4th minute! woooooh!

I'll be updating (:

someone just made Torres trip and fall =.=

oh, and a few of them tend to chew gum while they're playing.
surprised no one has choked and died =/


Keane could've had the chance to score, an opponent tripped him. he should've been given a penalty, but the referee ignored his call and moved on =.=


Torres, from the side, runs with the ball and passes it to Robbie Keane standing center in front of the goal and kicks it in at the side and SCORES, oh-so beautifully!
Robbie Keane! 34th minute.


2nd half has started, and they don't look so good =/


Torres got hurt ): and he laid there on the ground. got up after a while and continued to play.
had a good chance at getting a shot, but, =/ tak jadi
poor him.

anybody realise that Torres tends to fall a lot? like, he's kinda clumsy?
he can be running and out of nowhere, he suddenly falls. lol
the fans are singing the Torres Song (:

PSV are doing really well now in the 2nd half =/
and Liverpool aren't at their best.
they've got to buck upppp! ):
their percentage of possession isn't so good either.


Robbie Keane was replaced by Yossi Benayoun

STILL, not doing so well. =/

they've sung the Torres Song already a few times (:

Torres just got tripped by Marcilles (PSV)
Marcilles was given a yellow card,
and Torres given a free kick.

Steven Gerrard took it and SCORES his 100th GOAL on the 76th MINUTE!
it wasn't the most beautiful, but it was a nice goal.
he looks SOOO happy, I feel like crying.
they ALL look so happy.

okay, I missed that cause I was typing, but PSV just scored a goal on the 78th minute.
by Koevermans.

Liverpool 3-1 PSV Eindhoven

Substitution: Steven Gerrard was substituted by Babel
he's such an alive player! (:

I love how the fans cheer and sing.
and how when a player is being substituted, they all clap.
or how, when a team wins,
you can see how happy the fans are
it's just amazing!


Ryan Babel gets kicked at the ankle after the fall of the opponent.
and the "rapper" is left out for the moment.

people say Torres got his mojo back after scoring 2 goals against Everton?
I say, he still isn't so fit. =/


Extra time: 3 minutes

Torres has to score!
I mean, Kuyt scored.
Keane scored.
Gerrard scored.
it would be the PERFECT finale if Torres could score!


match ends.
Liverpool 3-1 PSV Eindhoven


you know, I find it REALLY difficult to hear what Robbie Keane is trying to say.

and, I know Liverpool is already qualified. but, I'm really scared of Atletico Madrid. Torres was the ex team captain for Atletico Madrid. (: and there's this amazing player, Sergio Aguero,

and also, CFR Cluj is a scary team

and I think Didier Drogba from Chelsea got REALLY badly injured?
I think he got sent to the hospital or something? =/

Bordeaux wears purple jerseys. how odd.

there're about, 20 pictures.
not in order. click to enlarge. (:

doesn't he look so happy?

go Keane! (: so glad he scored!

Kuyt's goal! so glad he scored he doesn't get enough credit for his hard work.

Kuyt! Kuyt! Kuyt! Dirk Kuyt!

wooooh! 100th!


he looks awfully tired O.O

purdy (: