Monday, October 6, 2008


if you're asking yourself,
aren't there only 6 days left till PMR?
well, you are right.

I'm just going to do a quick one.
because, Liverpool won Manchester City!
it was all really dyingly scary.
cause, during the first half, Liverpool was losing, 2-0
and I wanted to DIE
I wanted to just watch Disney Channel or something.

but of course, I continued to watch the 2nd half and about 8 minutes later, Torres scored.
and a few minutes after that, Torres had scored again.
I've got no time to put it in detail
and so, it was 2-2 until extra time.
after 2 minutes of extra time, just like against PSV, Torres takes a shot, the balls is kicked away by the goal keeper, comes running Kuyt to kick the ball, the goalkeeper being absent-minded, quickly sees, but fortunately, isn't quick enough to save the ball. so, goal by Dirk Kuyt yet again! (:

so that's about it.

and Riera shouldn't be so rough
if not, the 2nd goal wouldn't have been a 2nd goal.
tsk tsk.

and a Manchester City player got sent off cause he kicked Xabi Alonso. =/

but pity goes to Martin Skrtel. wow, he was badly injured.
and then after he had to go, all the Manchester City fans were boo-ing.
what the hell. =.=

that's pretty much it.
game ended, Manchester City 2 - 3 Liverpool


Am said...



Aren't you so thankful you didn't stop watching?So am I.

Poor Skrtel,Agger can prove his worth now I guess.Benitez should not bench Babel the next time=.=


*you'll never walk alone

Am said...

And now come to think of it,I really don't like Riera.His crosses are terrible.And Kuyt is just not a good winger.You know its true!It is not a biass opinion just cause I don't like him.