Sunday, October 26, 2008

You Would Think..

I thought, it would be so great after PMR.
but, I am incredibly bored.
and the picture uploader is being REALLY retarded
it can only upload ONE at a time

I have absolutely, nothing to do
it is DYINGLY boring

tomorrrroooooooooww, Chelsea vs. Liverpool
I AM aware that Chelsea hasn't lost a match in Stamford Bridge for 4 seasons
and, they're still juggling to make a decision about Torres.
Keane is kinda hurt
and Gerrard and A LOT of the others aren't in great condition either

but I've been reading a few comments on the articles regarding the Chelsea vs. Liverpool match,
and it makes me feel SOO happy that all the Liverpool fans feel so confident and proud!
and even a few Chelsea fans have some faith in Liverpool!

I am, VERY scared
and I don't feel so right about it.
but I hope they do well!

anyway, I think, since I'm bored. I'll just upload the pictures (:

on the wayyy!


No more BRACES!

looks are deceiving



etcetra etcetra
the others are being retarded and won't upload
just, go here.. [click]

and, I went to SUNWAY PYRAMID on Friday!
with Jeannie Teoh Yen Nie and Yeoh Eening!
we watched HSM3:Senior Year.
it was alright.
probably the best among the other 2 HSMs
pictures aren't with me
check out Eening's blogg!

and, Liverpool drew with Atletico Madrid
very sad.
but Torres didn't play.

I like their green jerseys! (:

I'll probably be blogging VERY soon.
goodluck to Liverpool tomorrowwww! (;
hope Torres gets better FAST!
I don't want them to risk putting Torres on.
unless he is completely HEALED!

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