Thursday, October 2, 2008

PSV Eindhoven

match is on now (:

it was a corner for Liverpool, Gerrard kicks it in and Torres takes a shot at it but is blocked my the goalkeepers leg, bounced off and comes Kuyt who kicks it towards the goal. The ball is caught by the goalkeeper, with butter fingers, it slips out and SCORE! by Dirk Kuytt 4th minute! woooooh!

I'll be updating (:

someone just made Torres trip and fall =.=

oh, and a few of them tend to chew gum while they're playing.
surprised no one has choked and died =/


Keane could've had the chance to score, an opponent tripped him. he should've been given a penalty, but the referee ignored his call and moved on =.=


Torres, from the side, runs with the ball and passes it to Robbie Keane standing center in front of the goal and kicks it in at the side and SCORES, oh-so beautifully!
Robbie Keane! 34th minute.


2nd half has started, and they don't look so good =/


Torres got hurt ): and he laid there on the ground. got up after a while and continued to play.
had a good chance at getting a shot, but, =/ tak jadi
poor him.

anybody realise that Torres tends to fall a lot? like, he's kinda clumsy?
he can be running and out of nowhere, he suddenly falls. lol
the fans are singing the Torres Song (:

PSV are doing really well now in the 2nd half =/
and Liverpool aren't at their best.
they've got to buck upppp! ):
their percentage of possession isn't so good either.


Robbie Keane was replaced by Yossi Benayoun

STILL, not doing so well. =/

they've sung the Torres Song already a few times (:

Torres just got tripped by Marcilles (PSV)
Marcilles was given a yellow card,
and Torres given a free kick.

Steven Gerrard took it and SCORES his 100th GOAL on the 76th MINUTE!
it wasn't the most beautiful, but it was a nice goal.
he looks SOOO happy, I feel like crying.
they ALL look so happy.

okay, I missed that cause I was typing, but PSV just scored a goal on the 78th minute.
by Koevermans.

Liverpool 3-1 PSV Eindhoven

Substitution: Steven Gerrard was substituted by Babel
he's such an alive player! (:

I love how the fans cheer and sing.
and how when a player is being substituted, they all clap.
or how, when a team wins,
you can see how happy the fans are
it's just amazing!


Ryan Babel gets kicked at the ankle after the fall of the opponent.
and the "rapper" is left out for the moment.

people say Torres got his mojo back after scoring 2 goals against Everton?
I say, he still isn't so fit. =/


Extra time: 3 minutes

Torres has to score!
I mean, Kuyt scored.
Keane scored.
Gerrard scored.
it would be the PERFECT finale if Torres could score!


match ends.
Liverpool 3-1 PSV Eindhoven


you know, I find it REALLY difficult to hear what Robbie Keane is trying to say.

and, I know Liverpool is already qualified. but, I'm really scared of Atletico Madrid. Torres was the ex team captain for Atletico Madrid. (: and there's this amazing player, Sergio Aguero,

and also, CFR Cluj is a scary team

and I think Didier Drogba from Chelsea got REALLY badly injured?
I think he got sent to the hospital or something? =/

Bordeaux wears purple jerseys. how odd.

there're about, 20 pictures.
not in order. click to enlarge. (:

doesn't he look so happy?

go Keane! (: so glad he scored!

Kuyt's goal! so glad he scored he doesn't get enough credit for his hard work.

Kuyt! Kuyt! Kuyt! Dirk Kuyt!

wooooh! 100th!


he looks awfully tired O.O

purdy (:


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